Ebay again!!!!

Yet another moneygrabber has put up an FLM place for sale on ebay. I gather that FLM now check ebay for such entries and automatically disqualify the entrant. What annoys me more apart from the "profiteering" aspect is that there have been about 10 places to date which have now been "wasted" due to someones greed. Perhaps a lifetime ban would be a suitable deterrent.


  • It makes you sick doesn't it! I agree that they should ban these people from entering in future.

    I had to take a Golden Bond because I didn't get in through the ballot - and all because of people like this.
  • Just reported it to FLM
  • Well done mate,it's disgraceful isn't it?
  • Is there anyway though for a person who has been injured to transfer there number to a person desperate to run in marathon. i think it is a shame just for the place to go to waste. BTW I am not trying to sell a number on Ebay but if the opportunity arose to buy one off someone who is injured ( who had to pay for it the first place ) then I am not sure what the problem is. Fair enough if people have been registering for the FLM with the intention of selling then this is annoyng as I could not get a place fot third year running.
  • Cakehead,if they're injured they can defer their entry until next year,it's not on to try and sell it.
  • ok, I didn't realise you could defer.
  • No, If you are injured you can defer your place to the next year ( but not golden bonds)

    I think thats fair. Why should someone get someone elses place whatever the circumstances or you get into 'its not what you know, its who you know territory'

    The ballot is the fairest way for the masses to get a place and even though Im running on a golden bond place I dont agree with them. ALL places should go to the Ballot. If people then wish to run for a charity then they can use their ballot place. I know I would have anyway to run for CWL
  • Good point JG.
  • One of the great things about the London marathon is the amount of money it is raising for charity. I think the Golden bonds are a great idea as it gives the marathon a nice mix of competitive and not so serious racers to create a nicer atmosphere. BTW I ran a golden bond place four years ago and I was happier than I would have felt if I had entered through normal ballot.
  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    I got a place through the ballot in 1998 but got injured so deferred. Then I got injured again in 1999. As I couldn't defer for a second time my place went to waste.

    Question is, what should be done in those circumstances? I would happily have given my place to someone else if they would have taken over the sponsorship already pledged. I wouldn't have sold it for a profit (I don't think eBay was even around in those days!) but if there was some way to let someone have my place then I'd be for it in those circumstances.

    Happily I got a golden bond the following year so eventually got a chance to do it!
  • maybe there should b a clearing system whereby people who are injured can donate their number back. This way the number is not wasted and a charity could recieve more money from a pre arranged donation from the person receiving the number.
  • I agree that it's a shame when places go to waste.

    There should be some way of making use of those places but I don't really see how that could be done in a fair way.
  • FLM must allow for a certain wastage factor though. If EVERYONE turned up on the day - there'd be problems I expect.
  • I agree that there could be some way of "recycling the numbers" though it would be difficult - donate it to a charity perhaps? but then they have Golden Bond places already. I think two attempts to enter is fair otherwise you could potentially "spin your deferral for years and years".
    IMHO, if FLM gave a suitable deterrent i.e. the threat of a lifetime ban then perhaps it would stop these idiots from trying to flog their entry. Admittedly it states in the rules that numbers are non transferable (due to safety reasons I imagine) but who honestly reads the small print. Perhaps a suitably bold warning on the entry form would be a good idea for next year.what do you think! (FLM - if you're reading this we'd love to hear from you!)
  • jenny g. i fully agree with you, gold bond places should be put to rest, all it means is that big charities/bussinesses buy up the places and joe public has less chance in the ballot each year. that is not what the LONDON MARATHON was started for. by the way, for all you runners out there worried about tickets being sold on e-bay, does the commitee check european sites as well! just a thought
  • Cougie's got it spot on - FLM could make it possible to transfer entries, but they'd have to cut the number of entries allocated in the first place to keep the actual number of runners manageable. Not a tolerable situation. The only fair way to deal with a number which can't be used is to let it die humanely.
  • Good point DW. Theres also nothing stopping people selling places privately to friends etc. I assume you dont have to provide ID proof when you collect your kit at the expo.

    The golden bond system does allow people in yes but it also limits cahritable fundraising in a way which gets overlooked by everyone slapping backs and feeling worthy. It stops some people from entering on golden bond at all due to minimums demanded and also prevents smaller charities from benefitting unless runners with a ballot or club place choose to use it to run for them.
    I think 'serious' ( what is serious after all)GFA and championship runners should get places as usual
    Everyone should be on the same playing field and they arent at present
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