Friend Desperate for a Place

Hello all,

I have a friend who ran the Marathon last year in 3:15 and whilst being very supportive with my training has not got a place himself (by own admission thought he could resist the bug). He is desperate for a place so if anyone knows of someone dropping out then please get in contact.

Thanks loads and see you all on the day.



  • It is now too late to get a place and as places are non transferable, somebody dropping out will not help your friend!
  • Why not get him to do one of the other marathons around the globe. There are quite a few inthe UK.
  • Please dont run under someone else`s number. Not allowed and actually i feel dangerous re medical side of things.etc if something goes wrong/
    Thousands of people want a place- But thats the FLM im afraid. keep applying and hope to get lucky !
  • If you friend does take someone else' number, he won't be able to collect it at the Expo...and the FLM would ban both the person giving away the number AND your friend for life!
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