Hate writing Christmas cards???

Faced yet again with 60+ cards to write and a grudging heart, whinging on the FFF thread (mine I hasten to add)has prompted the following idea.

Cut and paste the following message, print out as many times as nec and insert with this years cards.

"Dear friends and family,
This will be the last christmas card you ever get from us!
We've decide in future to donate the money we spend on cards and stamps to Jane Tomlinsons sponsorship at Cancer Research UK - I'm sure you will agree a worthy cause.

Be assured we will be thinking of you, and hopefully see you over the Christmas holiday, with no cards to write there is more chance of this happening!
All our best wishes, Dee and Paul"
i'm sure all of you can come up with a more fitting message, feel free to change names, charities etc! - but lazy option here to start!!!

Best wishes to all of my friends on RW, - thanks for all the help and fun
PS don't expect a christmas card - no offince!!


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