Oakley 20

I am running the Oakley 20 on Sunday -
does anyone know if it is easy to get from Bedford station to Oakley and how long it would take?



  • I've got absolutley no idea. Where are coming from?
    There is another thread somewhere.
  • RunnerB - Depends how you plan to get there. I'd say about 10-15 mins by taxi, doubt the bus goes out to Oakley that time in the morning.

    It's about 5 miles from the train station.

  • Thanks hammerite, that's what I wanted to know!
  • I don't suppose anyone has a place for this that they want to see at all?  Please message me if you do.  Thanks!
  • Shame this race has been called off but the weather is horrible here in Felmersham at the 3 mile mark.
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