The FLM running surface

Hi - I am an injured runner desperately hoping to recover in time for my first FLM. My injury is greatly worsened by hard surfaces. Can someone tell me, please: how much of FLM is soft-ish tarmac, hard paving stones, cobbles etc? Thanks!


  • No cobbles this year - mercifully for you.

    26.2 miles of tarmac I reckon.

    It's not looking good !
  • Ive been told 26 miles of road.

    That said when i did run London there was a section near tower bridge which I think we run along for FLM and that was very smooth and polished and very hard( much harder than the road)It seemed to be a granite type material. Im not looking forward to that again and if I see it coming Ill take my walk break to save my poor knees!
  • Thanks, Cougie - but why does 26.2 miles of tarmac not sound good? It's much softer than paving stones - or have I missed your meaning?
  • I've never thought of tarmac as being particularly soft myself. I suppose it is compared to pavement - but if you're suffering now - it can't be good ?

    Maybe you'd be better off deferring - you don't wanna cripple yourself for one run.
  • it's all on roads, mostly concrete. not sure if there's any or much tarmac. I think the cobbles have gone this year.

    BUT, it's 26.2 miles. Soft or hard it'll find out any niggles.

    Maybe think about defering?
  • soft tarmac - errrrm I'm with Cougie on this one!
  • Thanks everyone. Due to my injury, I am something of a connoisseur of the different hardness of surfaces now, and believe me, tarmac does my particular injury less harm than paving stones. But rest assured, I am not going to be stupid - if I feel I have not recovered enough, I won't run. Thanks again.
  • It will hurt whatever !
  • Molesworth's right - there's a big difference, and tarmac is easier on the pins.

    Paul - are you completely sure about that? This is London here, not tracks around my local farm!
  • road running is road running, but not sure roads are made of concrete though, tarmac generally!
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