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Hi there. Ive just started running seriously a few months ago,running very day. Ive just entered a 10k race in April. What sort of average time should I expect to be aiming for or aiming to beat. Im 12 stone 7 and 5"11 tall, so average build. I just want some sort of rough Idea.




  • Gav - I agree with EP. Just do your best. Impossible to tell what time you'll be doing without knowing your current state and what training schedule you'll be following (quality not quantity!).

    OK, a stab in the dark - my entry in the Gav 10K Sweepstake is 49 mins and 18 seconds. :-)

    If you want to see what the rest of the field will be doing, look through the events section and follow the links to some event websites - they very often have the previous year's full results.

    By the way - remember not to over-train, or you'll spend race day in front of the telly! Take a day off now and again!
  • Run 10k and time yourself?

    The best I've managed yet was 58 mins (well, it was 58 mins and 59 seconds really, but we won't go into that). Actually managing to do it in less than an hour was a real buzz. I bored everybody with it for days . . . :-)
  • It could depend a lot on your training between now and then! When I tried to guess what I'd manage for 26 miles, barely able to run for 1 mile, I just multiplied up my 1 mile time, assuming that my stamina would improve.

    If you're running less than 10k at the moment, there's a rough rule of thumb that doubling distance will mean 1 min per mile extra - so if you can do 5k at 10 min miles, you should aim for 11 min miles for 10k at the same level of fittness.
  • If you are training seriously every day and age is not a factor then I am going to guess 43 minutes.

  • My PB and only 10k time is 74mins. It was v.hilly though. I'd agree with Sean H about the time generally, but the profile of the race can definitely affect you.
  • It always amazes me how fast guy's get so quickly so my sweepstake guess is 46mins.

  • Mike19Mike19 ✭✭✭
    The thing with all this is that it's a sweepstake... staying away from injuries... 45mins
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    It's not really possible to predict a time for you Gavin without knowing what pace you run. Even then, a lot depends on the race-the terrain, whether it's flat/hilly etc. Also, don't forget to take at least one day off a week. It's not really wise to train every day, especially when you first start running because of overuse injuries.

    Good luck and enjoy your race!!
  • Depends how keen you are. I ran last may having done absolutely no excercise for a couple of years in 1hr10 (I was conned into doing it). Running for just twice a week, got this to 52mins in september. Then 2-3 days a week got this to 48 mins in november (but it was brighton, which is either too short, or has mystical powers). I need to get between 40-45 mins by next may, so will have to do 3 runs a week as a minimum I guess.

    So, it comes down to how much you're prepared to put it to it

  • Very unpredictable thing times and races, everybody has pretty much covered the ground. Started running in late August, my 3 races so far have been:

    Sept 4K fun run = 14:23 winged feet??
    Oct 5K hilly circuits = 26:27 Diving suit?
    Nov 10K mostly flat = 51.08 dead chuffed

    See most unpredictable! Just run it is my advice then you've got something to aim at next time.

    cheers CN
  • my best time for a 10k is 54:22
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    a thread resurrected 9 years later !!  is this a record?image
  • I think it must be LLb. Wonder what time he actually did it in then ? image

  • Just ran 10k on treadmil today.did it in 58mins 50secs.
  • im 65 only run 2 10k races ever although as a lad i ran mostly 100 sprints, 2 weeks ago 50.16 last week 51.01 this week-end want 49.00 or thereabouts, so u youngsters out there men and women go 4it and make sure you beat an old-mans time. Good luck.

  • i train 5 times a day 5 days a week , been doing that now for 2 weeks this is my 3rd week. and i have gone from 3k 36 mins to 10k in 42 mins. i am 20 years old so i am in my prime.

    just push your self over your limited you will be surprised how far you can push your self.


  • I've been running for 2/3 months, I'm up to 10k, averaging 62/63mins. I can't get under an hour and getting really frustrated!! Pls help/tips thank you
  • Train, train, train... don't push too hard though.

    Concentrate on your 5k speed 1st get that under 30 mins then go from there.
  • @CR9 I've been running under an hour for a month now...down to 56.10 as a PB but averaging 57's So thanks you all! ps Training for under 55 nowimage

  • That's Good going. I completed my 10k run at coventry war memorial park in just over 50 mins, I'm happy with that but would like to finish faster or at least more comfortable as I was shattered at the finish line image
  • Just done 10k in 51mins after 3 months training (Not solid) ... was soooo hoping to beat the 50 min image .... Maybe next time!

  • P.S I'm a 36yr old smoker and drinker

  • I started jogging 4 weeks ago , I'm doing the walk briskly then jog routine

    4 weeks in and today I did 3 x 15 min joggin and 3 x 2 min brisk walking

    I did a mile in 8 mins image

    I do this 3 times a week and next week I will be doing straight jogging

    This is the first time in 37 years I have wanted to get fit and April I will be entering my first ever 10k in Lincoln
  • have been running for 8months now. 7months ago I've timed myself at 52mins. 5months back it was 49mins. That was running consistently about 2-4times a week averaging between 20-30km per week. I haven't timed myself since. Though am running 100km/week for the past 2 weeks now. Hopefully will be entering my 1st ever race in July this year if I feel like it! Though I don't know what time I'd be achieving. Hopefully its better than 44mins!

  • I am only 14 and my time for a 10k run is 49 mins so u should be beating me

  • I average 10.45 per mile. I have been running since November so 3 months. Im a little disappointed about how slow that is image

    Will I get quicker? I`m following a half marathon programme that has some interval training etc.. will my speed naturally improve or is that just my 'pace'?? Im 5ft 9inches and about 13 stone 37yrs old. I have always been a fast runner (100mtrs and playing football etc) so its hard to accept im now slow at distance running. And advice welcome image

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