Offa's Dyke

Does anyone know where I can find information on the fastest coverage of Offa's dyke?
I'm just curious, as I cover various stretches of the dyke as part of my training, and I would imagine that it is an 'Ultra' target.
That, and one of my old school teachers held the record, back in the 1980s.


  • Yes, there is a association, and they don't have any information on this.
    The woman on the phone was actually amazed that anybody would want to do it.
    I wasn't going to bother to try to explain ....

  • hmmmm i have already thought of that :-D

    i also fancy the pembrokeshire coastal path, preferably carrying tv camera (dont ask)
  • DON'T ASK, he says.

    Now that's just mean and evil.

    Having said that, I suppose the views would be rather spectacular ..
  • well i was thinking the tourist board might like to support it.... with one of these steadycam systems could be doable.
  • Can I be the first to put my hand up and say I'll do it if you need company!!I've been thinkning of doing something simillar for a while.
  • boing,

    just in case anyone has any ideas .....
  • June 18th 1983 Deeside O.C. beat MDOCs record setting a new record of 22 hours 38 minutes and 58 seconds.

    Derwent Valley failed to beat this record on the same weekend, but I believe South Wales Fell Runners were attempting it on the 25th and they may have beaten it.

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Some take it seriously and some don't

    I enquired when I made an attempt a few years back on Offas but they were not interested.  In complete contrast to the Cotswold Way National Trail office who were both keen and went by the book for an official attempt - I had to arrange a timekeeper for start and finish and pacers to sign a sheet along the whole route.

    Shame Trailblaze packed up(?)

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  • How did the Cotswold Way go?

    One of the best to try used to be known as the Ultimate Challenge- quite a personal challenge as you could choose a start from 5 places including one off-shore and finished in Montrose planning your own route. Not sure if this still is officially still 'live', but the challenge remains! sounds like your thing though.

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    went well thanks, got the record. awesome crew!  waiting for someone else to break it so I can have another go lol

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  • We as Mynyddwyr De Cymru broke the record in 1984 at about 22.30. It was broken by a team from Westbury harriers a few years later. The thing to know is that the safety rules apply, runners pair up in the night and on the highest hills such as the Black Mountains.  
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