Peterborough 1/2

Hi all

Just wondered if the AMP (?) Peterborough 1/2 marathon was going ahead in 2003, after its debut, albeit a wet one, this year (March)...I hope so 'cos I ran a PB there and it'd be good for London.

Happy plodding!


  • AMP Peterborough 1/2M is on 9th March 2003. The organisers say that the course will be quicker (ironed out some of the sharp turns).
  • far as i know its the 16th - same day as Reading anyway
  • Amend what i said about 16th cos i know its the same date as Reading and if thats the 9th.
  • I'm looking at the entry form and it says the 9th March 2003
  • Where can I can entry forms, please?
  • Website is :
    I'm the runner behind 592. should have moved over a few feet!
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