Is running taking over your life too?

That's how I feel lately. I am really enjoying training for the FLM. I feel fitter, have met new friends at the running club, ran PB's over new distances etc. However it seems running is taking over my life. I'm always thinking about my next training session (which is usually the same day or next), and checking my schedule to see if I'm doing the right thing. I am also getting quite tired now. All this running is taking it's toll.

Is this how it always is? It's my first FLM. I'm definitely going to keep up my running after FLM but maybe have a bit if a rest and ease back a bit. I won't miss the Sunday 3 hour runs!


  • It's an addiction like any other, LL. Make the most of it (without injuring yourself!) until FLM and then yes, take time out. Many people do nothing for a week and then ease back into a different kind of training.

    good luck!
  • Little Less

    You're not alone my friend. Me and my girlfriend are both training for the marathon and i'm also training 2 clients and all of us in the last few days have said we are feeling totally - word sounding like "ducked"!!!

    I have just got off the phone to a client and says all she feels like doing is cry and fears she she starts she won't stop. I' try to offer professional advice, but feel very much the same!

    Its about this time when you feel the niggles and you kind of feel you've had enough!

    Just remember, we are all in the same boat and we are nearly there - last leg now!

  • I think it has taken over mine - am currently contemplating missing my leaving party from work on Saturday night, so I can have a good long run on Sunday morning...hmmm is that too close to bsession?
  • obsession I meant
  • Becoming obsesive with running, oh no not me.

    Although now you mention it.

    Is it right that Im sat here with my running gear on, trainers laced ready for the next speed session, with the smell of Deep Heat wafting up my nostrils, perhaps I should also take my Garmin off while its plugged into the mains.

    What about converting my mains water so it only flows with isotonic drinks, and only having pasta (in a rich and creamy tomato sauce) in the fridge. This is normal with you lot isnt it.

    And when all that training is done there is nothing better than sitting down every night and watching Forrest Gump, Oh how that man ran.

    No now I think about it I'm as normal as the rest of you mad lot.

  • All very familiar to me, except the evil Deep Heat. And having time out with injury makes it worse - can't scratch the itch.

    Mind you, it's probably better than being addicted to lighter fuel.
  • Acer you are so funny! I almost laughed out loud at work!! I love the Forest Gump comment. On that note do you get people shout at you "Run forest run" when out? We get it a lot around my way.

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments. I guess it's just how it is in the final push. I must say though it is definitely paying off. Last night I was the fastest person in my speedwork group, back at Christmas I was one of the slowest! Very chuffed with that :)

    Grumble I agree, just feel knackered all the time.
  • I sit next to a fellow FLM runner and I think we've seriously pissed off colleagues with constant running talk - typical scenario on Monday morning:
    Colleague: How was your half?

    Me: A 1:25 - still not shaken the cold

    Colleague: Steady 6:30's?

    Me: No, started off with 6:50's, speeded
    up at 10km and finished with 3 sub 6's

    Colleague: Running at lunch?

    Me:Yeah, but aching legs - probably trying to keep it 40 mins+

    Ok - I can see why everyone around us is so pissed off- almost like talking in code!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    It's also at this point during the training that those around us tend to run out of sympathy for our constant tiredness/niggles.

    On the way to work this morning, I complained to my husband that my legs were aching and I had a slight niggle in my calf. He said, "Well, what do you expect? You're training for a marathon!"

    The only people who seem to be in awe of what I'm doing are my mum and my brother. My mum thinks I'm amazing, my brother thinks I'm certifiable.
  • I know what you mean - I try to keep my runing talk to people I know are interested - but I do tend to be a bit of a zealot. I have started taking a friend out who is just starting - we're trotting out a mile just now - and feeling stressed because I still have to do my "own" runs and try to have a life. Right enough, running makes me feel so good - maybe I should give up the "life" part!!
    I truly believe that running appeals to obsessive people anyway - so it will take over your life. your obsession could be much darker.
  • JEJ - where do you work. Fast Runners Ltd, I havnt got a fellow runner at work, but If I did it would be more like this......

    Colleague: How was your half?

    Me: Not bad but I think I could have a pint really the training is going quite well, Oh you mean the run. Great 1:40

    Colleague: Steady 6:30's?

    Me: No, started off at 8min pace but the Runners World pacer went off to fast and we ended up being over taken by Little Miss Giggles at the 7th Mile.

    Colleague: Running at lunch?

    Me: Are you taking the piss, How can I get the Pub and a Burger King in and run
  • Les you are not alone. I am enjoying the training but not the long weekend runs so much - have only drunk one weekend since Xmas as I am constantly thinking - need to run/race tomorrow so can't have a hangover. It has certainly taken over my weekends!

    I am constantly thinking about the next run. Really overdid it last week after the March 20 as I felt fine on Tues so ran with the club, did a slow 7 miles on Wed then went to the club on Thurs and my legs just gave up. So am taking it easier this week as I am off to Rhayader this weekend for my second 20. After that I will be easing off, it's the Bournemouth 1/2 in a couple of weeks then a serious 2 week taper. I want to enjoy FLM not be too knackered to give it my best.

    I've entered loads of races after the mara to keep my motivation up although will prob take a week or so rest after before I get back into it, and am looking forward to going back to running for enjoyment rather than training!
  • Acer - I'm lucky enough (from the running perspectiv, at least) to work for the company who makes Flora - this means free marathon places. The fitness bug has hit my department big time - we have 4 marathon runners - times varying for sub 3, sub 3:15, sub 3:30 and a hope-to-get-round-alive athlete!
  • this is my 2nd FLM and as per the 1st in 2003 has taken over my life.........but I'm not making it easy on myself as FLM this year is a training run on the way to my first (last?) Ironman in July........

    if you want to pick en event that totally dominates your life - try Ironman - 3 disciplines to train for and all long!!

    thank dog I have a partner who understands - still pisses her off but she knows what I am going through......

    and I shall run home again tonight........
  • This is my 3rd FLM/

    One in 2001- i sprained an ankle a few weeks before and drove everyone mad about whether i would make it or not/etc.

    The in 2003 i had all the usual injuries- shin splints/ knee pain/ achilles/etc etc and further drove everyone mad again- I managed it but had a virus and a fever and v stupidly ran and got round in a painful 4h 30 mins - one hour down on planned time.

    This year i have my own place- no targets to raise- and touch wood no injuries so far . I plan to enjoy the day more this time- and remeber to wave at the Queen as i run by....

    Try not to get too obsessed/etc,, and enjoy- but then again not wasy to do !

    good luck.
  • hubcap, how did you manage with all thos injuries? did you quit running several weeks before the big day? i've developed shin splints in the past week and don't know if i should just cross-train until the 17th in order to ensure i'll make it to the start line.
  • Fat Buddha - Ironman, I bow to you Oh great one.

    This will be my 3rd Marathon, and although I love running, the training, race day, I'm not in oar of the distance anymore.

    I was thinking what my next challenge should be, I did think of the Marathon des Sables, I quite like the idea of that but its still just running,maybe one for the future, then I thought of triathlon, and I thought if triathlon why not Ironman.

    So Ironman had been going through my mind for a while, I then watched the Jane Tomlinson story on TV last night and that made my mind up. 2006 I'm going to go for one.

    Are you doing the one inthe UK, Dorset isn't it?
  • FB and a load of other nutters (including my OH) are doing IMCH - pop into Tri and see loads of threads about their training etc.....

    Good luck with FLM.
  • Acer - no - am doing Switzerland on 17th July with a bunch of other forum lunatics (about 20 of us) and a few who are also doing UKIM.........there's whole threads on IM stuff in the Tri forum - head over there for inspiration and general tomfoolery........

    I said never to IM a couple of years ago but gradually the idea grew until I realised it would be a possible - started with tris after first marathon, did my 1st 1/2 IM last September and knew then that an IM would be achieveable........

    but the training is bloody hard work - think marathon training and then chuck the long bike rides and swims's like juggling water planning everything.......

    beware - it takes over your, and your family's (if applicable) life - big time!
  • what TL said! :-P
  • FB, surely you'll soon have to change your name soon to "fit buddha"?
  • running chats with my colleagues usually include: "London marathon - how far is that?" or "running this weekend?" Duh!

    luckily my brother runs too so he gets to be bombarded with my mileage, heart rate, speed data and injury whinges.

    I had my first FLM dream of this year last night - dreamt that Birdcage walk was full of traffic and was stopping me from finishing - of course I woke up in a cold sweat.

    the bat
  • I am always amazed when people don't know how far a marathon is!

    Does anyone ever get asked if they train in the rain? A friend of mine asked me the other day if I was training that night as it was windy and raining. I said of course I am, I need to be prepared, what if it's raining on the 17th? I'm hardly going to get up, look out the window, see its raining and decide to go back to bed instead am I? She said she probably would. Guess that's why its me doing a marathon and not her!lol
  • A relative of mine did once ask if a marathon was the same distance in every country!!!

    How about people who never think you run fast enough?? Even were I to run sub 3hrs
    I know what the response would slow is that???

  • Sam yes I've had that one too.
  • It does amaze me too how people know so little especially the distance of the FLM. Also I think I could say I finished the race running 5 minute miles and they would say "is that quick?"!

    SA - Thanks for your reassurance, I will probably be at the same races as you as I've entered lots after FLM. We are local to each other. Most of them are DRRL races. Are you doing the Poole Park Ladies 5K, that's one of my favourite runs.

  • Yes LL I am - that's the Tuesday after Bournemouth 1/2 isn't it? It was my very first race last September as I only joined my club in July. I managed to get round in under 30 mins just which was my aim - hoping for a lot quicker than that this time!

    After FLM I am doing Egdon Easy 10k, Purbeck 10k, Poole 10k, a couple of New Forest ones etc, plus anything else that comes along - really want to concentrate on getting my 10k times down under 55mins
  • Just reading all the messages - nice to know others are in the same boat - I promised the FLM would not take over my life - but it has. At the 10 mile mark of the Flora Half on Sunday, I was wondering if there was anyone fancying running another lap - why? that's not normal is it? Roll on 17th - I've forgotten what it is actually like to wake up without sore legs
  • SA I am doing Purbeck 10K, Poole 10K, Moors Valley 10K, Poole Runners summer series. In June a pub run in Seaton & Warminster 10m probably. Lots to keep me busy. I'm going to keep training as I am definitely improving. Got a 3k race tonight on track.
  • Gets very addictive and obsessional - this running malarky. When I ran my first (FLM) I promised myself I would never run another. Prague in May will be number 10!
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