Scenic 6

Just entered this one as my birthday race. Has anyone got any comments about it that I should know about please (like what does multiterrain mean in this context?)


  • I haven't done it before either but read the web site and it says first mile or so is on road then off-road for the rest of the race.

    hope you have a good race.
  • If they haven't changed the course this year...

    the first mile is on-road and mostly gently downhill (I think...)

    then it's up a farm track, across a footbridge which is only 1 runner wide and causes a bottleneck, across fields, some grassed some planted and hence muddy, down another farm track (wet and rutted), onto what I guess is the floodplain of Piddle Brook (sort of water meadow, a bit squelchy) then back up to the finish.

    It's not a killer M/T race, just a nice run in the countryside. If you're going for a time (which I'm not) get a fast start to avoid the bridge queue...
  • Time? i'll probably have a hangover and be lucky to finish...
  • I rad the information and it appears they you don't have to go over the bridge anymore.
  • I was the second from last runner who was caked in mud.

    A success for me then - wouldn't have been happy unless I took half the course home with me
  • Ok, so 'twas a COMPLETELY different course... :o)

    Not sure about the first couple of miles on-road; that is pretty hard on us fat over-pronators in trail shoes...

    It did liven up once we got into a bit of squelch though and a good time was had by all...
  • It was my first Cross country so I was a bit taken aback, but it was very good fun, even though I had to mince a bit
  • Well done Puff, glad you enjoyed it :o) Are you signing up for more?

    As a confirmed plodder, I find that any XC/multi-terrain/off road race suits me perfectly. The faster runners are slowed down by the conditions, whereas I can't get much slower :o)
  • give me time to work out if the mud will come out of kit first, hamster!

    it's put me off tough guy, that's for sure :o)
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