Still No News

Can someone HELP !!!!!! The postman has forgotten where I live. No
fleece, No acceptance (some chance now) Does anybody know the FLM
phone number.


  • phone number is flm 0207624117,I phone monday did not get in,5 years on the trot,and still no fleece????
  • I got my tent -I mean fleece this morning ... so it looks like another batch is on its way out.
  • Jim the FLM is missing a digit.
  • The correct FLM number is 020 7902 0189.

    I called this morning and requested that they check my details.

    As expected, no entry, fleece en route.

    Apparently the last batches of fleeces were sent out this week
  • I rang on Monday. It might be next week before everyone receives their fleeces. Don't panic.
    I don't like this system. How many people who don't know to ring up are still waiting on news in hope and may miss out on the chance of a charity place as everyone is getting in first?
    I would like to hope that charities do not allocate places until everyone knows, ie, Christmas!
  • Thanks Alan for correct FLM number. As expected fleece is in the post.
  • g k glasses,

    I've had my fleece for about a week. I contacted my charity, who are very keen to get things moving as they tell me they need to sumbit their entries by 17 Jan! I assume this deadline applies to all bond places.

    Good luck.
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