imber/warminster 1/2 marathon

got my number through last night-23,thought we might need a new thread here.
looking forward to this one greatly,not least cos of reunion of nyc team,or some of us,anyway.having been pulled round the big apple by cheeky monkey in a startling 4.45 in my first marathon there are a group of us out for sub 4 at london.angi,aka ms whiplash, has kindly offered to pace a 1.50 half-hope that still stands angi?much interested in finding a good pub for afterwards-any ideas from locals?

and i'm intrigued by warnings not to stray off the course onto the range-perhaps a more rigorous attitude to short cutters than at other races by deploying tanks...


  • alex - another forum? You're so promiscuous!
  • can't get onto the club website at the moment.where's the sunday roast coming from,here,ob,that's the key question.and i don't mean the nut cutlet...
  • Alex ????? Are you trying to undermine our New York thread ??????????????? And when we are so close to 3,000 !!
    I think it might be a little early for this thread but you never know.
    Got my number this morning - No.19.
  • never too early to get excited about running you off your little pink feet george.met mr yasso yet??
    new york thread will only be undermined by collective neglect,ie if nicky doen't start running again...its well down the list today,think i'm the only visitor some days...
    team whiplash for glory...
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