a long layoff

Hi fellow runners i am new to this site
I am 65 years old I gave up running 10 years a ago because I started a small bussiness maintaining gardens and i found it hard going out for a run after 8 hours gardening but now that i have retired i would like to keep fit and loose some weight.I ran many 10ks and did the London Marathon in the past i have started a 9 week running plan which is running and walking i am into my fourth week and it is going well,i do not exspect to run like i did 10years ago but it is great to be back again i might even return back to my old running club in Barnet if i get stronger i will let you know how i progress.


  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Welcome back to running Arthur! Glad you've returned to it. The gardening should have kept you fit so I'm sure you'll soon be back into it. Just remember to take things slowly. Good Luck.
  • Hi Arthur

    Welcome and glad things are progressing! I'm STILL a beginner (after about 4 months running) and after faffing about with allsorts and not getting too far have decided to go back to beginners' programme and do it properly this time. So you'll soon be streaking ahead of me!

  • Arthur, welcome aboard.

    Plenty of elite distance runners have done exactly what you are doing - returned to running after a break, set out to enjoy themselves and get fit, and (as I'm sure you will do) turned in some extremely good performances.

    You're almost certainly not the oldest contributor here.

    Keep on posting!

    Cheers, V-rap.

  • Welcome Arthur - as a recent returnee after 4 years off - good luck and have fun
  • Hi Arthur. I've had to have a lay-off due to injury. My advice would be to simply enjoy running again... then set yourself targets. Good luck!
  • I took a break of 10 years, having 2 children and working long hours, but have now been running for 6 months (training for GNR which is my goal), I thoroughly enjoy it and wonder why I stopped!!
  • Same position almost. I am 66 and have had 4 years off from running which I only took up for about a year anyway. I managed to put on a lot of weight in 4 years and about 4 weeks ago I suddenly realised exactly how unfit I was. I started going to the gym and last week found a beginners running group. It has been going for about 6 months and I am now the slowest but everyone is so nice it has not put me off. The main problem is that I can walk for miles but run for about 1 minute then need to walk for a bit. I am told it will get better and I am determined to be able to run for 5k  my aim for the next 3 months.

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