Very lightweight trainer suggestions

I train in the NB 150s, which are practically flat. I can do 20 mile runs in them comfortably by running with a decent style.

However when I wear them in a race, when I get tired I find my form goes and I end up heel striking too much which is a big risk in a marathon.

I wore them today when I ran a HM at marathon pace and I noticed by 10 miles it was harder to maintain form.

So I would like to try a very lightweight trainer that has slightly more in the heel than the 150s, but not as much as the Nike Ekidens, which I've run my last 3 marathons in, but which I find have a little too much in the heel which encourage even more heel striking.

Any suggestions for a shoe weighing less than 200g for size 10 with a very slight heel?


  • Socks!!!!
  • Lol BT.

    Can't help I'm afraid BR.
  • Banana skins?
  • Very good comedy - BT, you've not posted on daily for a while - what's happening?

    Hilly - that picture looks like you have the same issue:)

    FL - can't think of a reply...
  • How about plain naan breads? Slit open the front and slide your feet in. Hey presto, when you finish, you can eat them with a slap-up curry!
  • Hmmm, this could go on and on... food for thought!
  • Or even sit down on a bench at 20 miles and have a snack during a marathon, FL?
  • Oooooof, that hurt. If I'd have had those naan bread trainers I would have had something to eat though.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Your 1st post disappeared now its back.

    Why not do what Abebe Bikila did?
  • RW reviewed all the light weight racers in a recent issue but I can't remember where I left the mag......

    Found it

    The lightest in the Mag is New Balance RC550's at 214g. The description goes - "The RC550 is a pure racing shoe: a stripped down, super light and flexible model. There is little cushioning and no added support so its only suitable for light efficient runners who are likely to dip under.....

    2:30 !!!!!!!

    Guess they won't be selling them in their 100's then.

    Alternatively, buy the shoe and get a stonking PB :0)
  • Pammie - it's a bit too near to start changing my running style now. That's why I'm looking for something between the 2 trainers I use now.

    Will take a look at the 550s, Sodahead.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    So BR are you saying that its something to consider in the future :o)
  • I rule nothing out and nothing in - you need to keep learning in this game.
  • Tricky BR!

    RC 550 RW, has HEEL and FOREFOOT cushioning :)

    220g :(

    Otherwise you can always dig out your Puma H-Street's :)

  • NB 150's with a sorbothane inner?
  • NB do a 205 - lighter than 550 and heavier than 150
  • Why would taking your shoes off mean changing your running style? You'd only have to change your running style if your style is wrong now.

    Personally, I think you should go for Dunlop Green Flash, no built-up heel, but a nice overall blend of cushioning and stability. You could even take the insole out and wear football socks if you're feeling daring.

  • My Nike Spectrum plus are very good but I'm not sure of the weight!
    Good enough for Paula's WR :-)

    It's a little late to be getting new racing shoes for the marathon.
    I did this in my first marathon & made a big mistake as they gave me blisters at around 12K & I dropped out at 30K. It did'nt help being 28 degree's in Paris that day though!!!
  • Thanks.

    I've still got one long run and another HM at marathon pace to test any new trainers out. Smearing feet with vaseline has ensured no blisters for my last 7 marathons.
  • Actually just done a bit of weighing and the Ekidens are 250g! The 150s are about 130g.
  • I've not found reviews reliable.

    What did you think of the 'Mayfly'

    The Nike Ventulus are comfortable and weigh in at 175/180 for size
  • Aye, DD, but have you seen those Ventulus?! An explosion in a paint factory springs to mind. I appreciate shoes that appeal to the aesthetically minded runner!
  • Didn't really take to the Mayfly. Like you say the Ventulus may be an option.
  • br - i guess you've thought about them already, but i like my asics tiger paws. they're comfy and don't have a very big heel.
  • Cheers Dave. I do have an old trusty pair. Weighs in at nearly 300g though.
  • BR, what's wrong with my running style?:o)
  • Right leg dead straight, landing on heel. I can't believe you were tired after 3 hours and 14 minutes of running:)
  • Hey, where's you picture gone?
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