Back pain

How do you get rid of it?

Does anyone know of a guide to back exercises?


  • Have you seen this month's RW magazine, Martin? If you do these back exercises regularly, your back will get stronger, as backs need regular exercises as much as the legs.

    I had back problems after extensive training for a marathon in 2002, and only with core strengthening exercises can I now run 5-6 times a week, although I stretch before every run, and on the days off.

    There are cheap yoga books (try the discount book shops) that advise on typical low-impact back exercises, these are OK as long as you don't get ambitious. Try a yoga class, if possible, they aren't just for old ladies!
  • Having been a martyr to me back (ooooo - I *was*, I really was) for most of my adult life, I realised after having been running for several months that I no longer had any back pain.

    The only time it feels a bit dodgy now is if I have to stop running for more than a few days...

  • Five years ago I ended up on crutches due to sciatica. A wonderful NHS physio helped me to minimise the pain, then the stand up tall again and then to recover movement and flexibility.

    I learned a few important lessons. First, resist the urge to curl into a ball and weep. You need to stretch out, especially when lying in bed. Second, exercise, don't mope around, get into the gym or onto a mat and exercise. Third, work on core strength. Those stomach muscles are the antidote to back pain.

    All of this is general, of course, and you might have some damage that needs treatment. I'd recommend a session with a good physio as a starting point.

    Like Jj, I have found running to be very important. I sometime wake up with some pain either in my lkower back or around the neck and shoulders but a run soon sorts it out.

  • Try sleeping on your side, knees fairly high and place a pillow between your knees. If you only have one pillow, your spine is in a more natural position, therefore aligning it better through the night.

    If I sleep stretched out waapster, I can hardly get up in the morning, as I'm as stiff as a board (my back, that is)!
  • Oooo - Waapity! Sciatica is the most debilitating pain in the world, isn't it?Six months' treatment, twice a week on the rack, in my early 20s.

    The next time I suffered (and, thankfully the last) was the final six hours of a 24-hour labour. Nice.
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