Book on knee health

Does anyone know what happened to the book on knee issues that was advertised on a flyer in RW Feb issue. I sent off for one but it never turned up. Did anyone get one?


  • Nope - but I'd be interested to get a copy if it was any good.

    Any comments?
  • I sent for a copy and got one. Its a good book does a huge range of injuries and has recommended stretches etc for recovery.
  • Boyfriend bought book to prevent knee injuries, ironically he injured his knee the day after finishing book and has not been able to run since.
  • Mine arrived a few days ago, gives some exercises to try (have done them once so far).

    Hasn't really helped with diagnosis though.

    I'll see how the exercises go but I think you have to get a proper diagnosis for the exercises to really work and then the therapist should tell you what to do to recover any way.
  • Why not try

    Lots of good advice
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