Apart from the Bank holidays & easily justifiable drinking that is.

Off for a sulk.


  • I hate gavo.

    apart from his lively sense of humour
  • And the food.

    And the presents.

    And the sparkly outfits I get to wear.
  • I hate the hangovers but love the parties!
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Seriously though, if you really do hate Xmas why not do something worthwhile like some voluntary work? If you're in London it may not be too late to help out at the Crisis Open Christmas shelters for homeless people. Check out the volunteers' section at www.crisis.org.uk I'll be on the night shift for the week.

    even the tacky tv ads and stuff. It's working with kids and seeing the excitement.

    I hate the financial pressure that families find themselves under, however.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Womble - one of the side-effects of living down here is that my family expect me back up there at Crimbo so no chance of doing something good for others. Have thought about it though - mate of mine wanted to help out in Bosnia a few years ago until she found out how much it was going to cost her.
  • I like Christmas, nuff said.
  • I love Christmas as some of you may have guessed and spent a mega fortune this year taking the kids to see Father Christmas in Lapland, then this weekend to see one of his 'imitators' (as my 7 year old now calls all other father christmas), on a Steam Train in Tankerton and then on the 23rd its off to see another Santa on The Romney Hythe & Dymnchurch miniture Railway, before going to stay with the outlaws.
    The only part of Christmas I hate is the row as to who we are going to see on Christmas Day. This year we are supposed to be at my Sisters, whilst my wife thinks we are at her mothers (again). Fortunatly they live in the same town and Im wondering if I can appease everyone (and have two Christmas dinners!), but suspect a row brewing somewhere and with someone...
  • I agree with Gavo, which is not to say I begrudge anyone else their enjoyment

    Similar pressures to attend Mothers Xmas day - keeps asking what I'm doing and its like "I'm xx yrs old, no kids, relationship on the rocks" and I want to think about Christmas

    As for drink and parties, its the one day in the year that the boozer's shut!
  • God what a killjoy - I take it all back!!

    Anyway did used to like Christmas Eve Albert Square with giant Santa and all - or was that NYE?
  • Space Monkey You must live in the wrong area.
    When I had a pub all the villagers would come in on Christmas morning, we'd have the log fire going and a 'stupid jumper competition' Problem was I never got to see it since I was at the Mother in Laws for Christmas Day.
  • The good stuff about Christmas:
    - yummy food & drink
    - catching up with everyone
    - twinkly things (decorations, eyes, general 'joie de vivre' etc.)

    The bad stuff about Christmas:
    - people who think the most expensive present is the best present
    - shops playing terrible covers of annoying songs
    - the quality selection of TV programmes (not the Sound of Music again!)
  • I like the idea of Christmas, and hope to actually celebrate it with likeminded people some time in the next decade. Hopefully, I won't have to revise the timespan.
  • I hate December as a whole-My work load goes up 50% (if thats possible), everyone is mega stressed and rude, my kids miss out on a 'normal xmas (although they dont know it any other way).
    I have to slogg my doodads of on xmas day cooking a 5 course for 110 people, then cook for ourselves, family and live in staff-about 17 this year, then finally get to sit down and eat about 7.00pm.....I wont carry on with boxing day, new years eve and new years day, cos I think you get the drift!!!!!!!!! ROLL ON JANUARY, so I can get back to normality and train again
  • I've been working away from home for the last 5 monthsin West Africa. Frantic now to be home for Christmas,even if the air ticket does cost $1000.
    Try going running, cycling and drinking with friends - make friends now if you don't have any, try a running club.
    BE BL***y GRATEFUL you have inlaws to avoid and a choice of relatives to visit.
    Reading all these threads there are many runners going through rough relationships,great party potential.
    And if all that fails, ignore the whole lot - humbug.
  • I love christmas - unlimited drinking and eating - wonderful!
    Trashy films on the tv - what more could you ask for (bit disappointed that Willi Wonka is not on this year)
  • I like....
    - My dad dancing at family functions
    - Mary Poppins
    - My mum insisting I wear her knitted santa batwing red and silver christmas jumper for xmas dinner.
    - Drinking too much and vomiting into aunt maud's handbag.
    - My nephew asking my brother, sister in law, sister, mum, dad etc to 'try' a Bacardi Breezer by which time he's had 12 and is more bladdered than the rest of us.
    - Turkey for breakfast, dinner and tea, sprinkled on cereal etc etc
    - Brandy!!!
    - Baileys!!
    - Brandy and Baileys...
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I LOVE Christmas! Well, I love the time off work, the staying in bed late, the rich sinful food, the Baileys, the build up to the Big Day, opening pressies, giving pressies ...

    The bits I don't like are the stress of trying to think of what to buy people, the stress of trying to think what they can buy me, the stress of actually buying the things, the crap TV, and the bloated feeling you get from too many Christmas meals!
  • You lot really make me laugh!!

    I really really love Christmas but I know what people mean who don't like it. This year is the first year I've not been under any pressure at all to do anything and everything I have done is because I've wanted to make the effort for my family. This year it will be special - no one in my family will have a huge expensive present (I can't afford it to start with) ut they will really cherish anything I get them because they know that really what I have done has been with huge effort and thought and you know, that's what it's all about. I know it's a bloody cliche but it's true Christmas is about caring and showing those you love that you do care about them. We have told both families that we're not venturing out of the house - when in fact we plan to visit all the relative on Christmas Eve and both sets of parents on Christmas Day.

    Ashley -- I've asked the Mr can we go to Lapland next year. We'll have to borrow some kids mind but I still want to go :o)
  • I'm of the bah humbug camp here. I think it started about 20 years ago when i was freshly divorced from hubby no.1 and everyone was in twos and trying to make me join in when all i wanted was to wallow in my misery - there's nothing like being miserable and watching everyone else enjoying themselves when all you want ot do is cry over lost and broken dreams.
    Saying that, i have had a couple of really good Christmas's with some Catholic friends who treat Christmas as a holy holiday which is where it originated, or so i'm lead to believe!!
    We usually spend it quietly alone, then visit friends on Boxing Day when everyone is recovering from the hangovers and overeating and we can breeze in after an exhilerating run and breathe fresh air into the stuffy households!
    Happy Holiday everyone and enjoy the running.
    Love DS.xxxx
  • I love Christmas, all the glitter and sparkly things, mince pies, Christmas cake (that reminds me to think about decorating mine), my tree and the ornaments I've been collecting year to year. I like cooking too, turkey and stuffing and all that. Plus plenty of wine, brandy for the pud, etc. Brother and sister-in-law come over every Xmas and New Year with their kids and the whole family plus wolf pack have a wonderful time. Gavo - watch out for the ghosts of Christmas.
  • You know peeps, most priests seem to hate Christmas! It's something about being at too many school carol services, and facing a church packed with drunk atheists at Midnight Mass.

    But.......... I love it! I absolutely and totally love it. I don't care how many little people I have to hear singing 'Once in Royal Davids....', I just love it.

    Happy Sassie (Small still full of cold........ aahh!)
  • Cath- you can have mine with pleasure-kids that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • With regard to Lapland... did anyone see that watchdog programme tonight - there was a big thing about how people paid way too much money to go to one of these lapland-in-england places, and it was, predictably, crap!

    p.s. Dangly - Xmas started out as the Roman Saturnalia - a solstice feast of many gluttonous days. Ahhh... Wish I could get to Stonehenge for the Solstice - that would really be getting back to my roots now, wouldn't it?!
  • Ilove christmas too but it never lives up to my expectations ...can be a very lonely time too...
  • Is a lonely time
  • yes
    Glad Ill be working
  • Benz, you've got Mr Benz??
  • Glad to see that the true meaning of Chirstmas has not been lost on the masses.
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