Another ITBS thread...

I have had some problems with shin splints, but never anything wrong with my knees, until last week at Silverstone.

Then, after consulting my physio I started the Kingston breakfast run yesterday, but had to pull out after four miles. Not finishing was rather disappointing, but what is worse is the negative impact on my mental preparation for FLM.

My physio appeared fairly optimistic this morning and recommended I do not do any more long distance training (until the knee is better). Instead I am should do half-hour session, combined with strength exercises at the gym (and of course lots of stretching). But is there enough time left??

I'm finding it quite hard to share her optimism and am stressing and feeling quite negative.

Any thoughts?


  • have a look at it may be of help
  • David
    I do know how you feel - I haven't been able to run for over a week and won't run until I try a long one on Saturday - I just hope the knee holds out and I'm still reasonably fit. Don't be too despondant - I've swung from the depths of despair to feeling more optimistic now. I've decided that I will be doing FLM but I may not be doing it in the time I'd hoped for.
    Try to stay focused on the fact that you've already done most of the preparation and order a pattstrap from - they have rave reviews in another tread on here that is also in this sction
    Hope it goes well for you
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