Saturday Session 17/08/02

6am I’m out on my first training session of the day. As I run along a South coast promenade the sea is calm & the sun is rising gently over the water, simmering out across the Channel. Far in the distance I can see the coastline of France. All is quite as everything is still asleep. Apart for me, that is because I’m out enjoying myself once again. 6 miles done & now I can look forward to tonight hill session.
I hope this help to motivate you for your run today.

Race memento’s what’s you favourite item & why?
Do you really need another T-shirt or would you rather sling another medal in the box?


  • Sorry the bottom bit should not be in this bit!!!!!!!!
  • Tim -- well done on the being up at 6am but I could not drag myself out of bed at that time in the morning on the weekend if it killed me!! (I do it every day in the week for the doggie walks). Sounds like it was bliss though.

    What: Nothing planned today (still resting the doggie-twisted-knee) and I mean nothing not even a gym session (V-rap)
    Why: It's the weekend and I need a rest plus I need to conserve my energy for the boozing on the town tonight with my mates :)
    Last Hard Day: Not sure - seems every day this week has been hard.
    Last Rest Day: Today.
  • Wish I was a morning person, but I just can't cope with getting out of bed early :(

    What: 5k power-walk this evening
    Why: Promised I'd go with hubby, who has knackered his knees. But a bit worried because it means I'm not getting a chance to push myself. H'm. Have to fit in time for ANOTHER run?
    Last hard day: Last Saturday
    Last rest day: Thursday

  • Hello early birds! I'd have been here a couple of hours ago but I've been too busy blubbing over the news coming out of Cambridge about the wee girls. My heart goes out to those families.

    What: Too much. Far too much. A mixed cardio/resistance session in the gym followed by a swim, which I really want to do because I haven't touched a weight in more than a week and want to see if climbing these hills last weekend has made any objective difference to my performance on the steppy. Then, tonight, a walk/run with my prospective training partner if she doesn't call it off for the thousandth time.

    Why: Dunno. I think I must have a secret drive towards self-destruction.

    Last hard day: Wednesday.

    Last rest day: Tuesday.

    Cheers, V-rap.

  • A unique thread title - congratulations!

    what: zilch - cricket instead
    why: It's Saturday in summer - but not for much longer
    last hard day: Fri
    last rest day: Wed
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    what: weights + 40 minute recovery run
    why: easy day, after yesterday's 15 miler in the too hot conditions.
    last rest day: too long (last Thursday). Planning a rest day on Monday as I'll be in the car most of the day travelling to meetings in King's Lynn and Huntingdon
    last hard day: yesterday
  • what: 13 x fast hill reps
    why: HM 1st Sep
    last rest day: yesterday
    last hard day: Thursday
  • Vrap, I feel the same way about the missing girls.The agony of waiting for what can only be awful news for the parents. Nightmare.
    I gather from skimming through this week's threads that you enjoyed your hill walks last weekend. Did you get up Sca Fell Pike and did the rain hold off? There's nothing to beat a days out on the hills in my book is there. I'm taking my girls to the Black Sail youth hostel in Ennerdale tomorrow doing a long walk Sun/Mon.
    In the meantime:
    What: it's nearly 5 and I still haven't decided. Feels very hot for the planned long run. 6-8 miles steady probably.
    Why: I need to do one longish run this weekend; half marathon next weekend.
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Tues

  • After yesterdays rest managed to drag myself out of bed at 6:30 (on a Saturday!) for a long run (2 hrs 25 mins).

    Finished by just after 9:00 keping everybody happy (and me feeling incredibly self righteous). Pain in knee went about 30 minutes into run! Very odd.

    See interesting knee thread coming soon - bet you can't wait! Finally have a reliable diagnosis now all I need to do is work out how to fix it!
  • what: 45 minute cycle. perhaps easy 30 minute run once it cools off a bit.
    why: because it's a lovely day, but a little too hot for a proper run.
    last hard: Thursday
    last rest: Wednesday
  • A hot and sticky day :o|

    What : Rest Day
    Why : I need it

    Last hard day : Yesterday - managed the return cycle ride within 5mins of the out ride - not bad considering the hils ;o)

  • Saturday is my rest day so all I've done is wander down town and purchased some new reading material (Fitness First Mag - OK but nothing special).
    Tomorrow islong run day. Probably be up 6 am for a spot of breakfast, then up properly around 8am to do 13 or so miles along the lanes before the heat starts (I hope!) Then spend the rest of the day in the garden watching the grass grow.
    Last hard day: Thursday
  • What: seven miles at 6:00pm, trying to push the pace just a bit in the heat and humidity.

    Why: some races are coming up which may be in such conditions. Also: wanted to test my new racing shades to see if they would slide off my nose with sweat. Success! They stayed put. Got bored carrying my water bottle, though!

    Last hard day: Thursday; next, the customary long Sunday run.

    Doing several circuits around my neighbourhood park, I watched kids playing, and families having a happy day out, and thought of events in Soham today, as many of you have. An unspeakable heartbreak for the families and all concerned. Oh, for a world where our children can play, and we can all run and live, in safety.

    Be careful out there, folks.

  • My motivation was sadly lacking this afternoon but finally dragged myself out for 90 mins slowish run. Felt better once I got going but quite tired (working early morning shifts at the moment)

    Why; building up mileage towards the Great South Run
    Last hard: Thurs
    Last rest: Fri
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    What: Took the day off - should be easy 4 miler but I've got a race tomorrow .
    Why : Saturday recovery / mixed session

    I did spend all afternoon gardening/hedge trimming/returfing/planting

    does that count ?????
  • I hope you and the sprats have a brilliant time, Laura. Isn't Black Sail the hostel where the sheep wander into the dorm? I'm sure I stayed there once in my studenty hitch-hiking days.

    I didn't manage Scafell Pike. Got Mr V-rap and Kevin up Skiddaw one day and around Derwentwater and over Walla Crag the next. On the third day they didn't feel up to climbing so they dropped me off at the foot of Helvellyn (easier than the Scafells for them to go places from) and I had a wonderful climb up the easy side, round Red Tarn and back up - very satisfying scramble up and down the rock faces! I want to move to Cumbria now.

    Snowdon beckons the week after next.

    My session this evening didn't go as planned because my prospective running partner called off AGAIN - she left a message on my answering machine (offering the excuse with which generations of girls have tried and failed to get off PE), and I went round to her house without checking it. Doing 4.5 junk miles instead of 9 has to be an improvement, but if she'd called earlier I'd have had a much harder workout at the gym this afternoon. Then she was bemoaning the fact that if we run the forthcoming 5-mile race together, "we" will have to go no faster 8-minute miles. This from someone who has never run on the road to a raptor who is hoping just to break 11-minute miles!

    Call me a selfish old grizzly, but I'm not going to plan and more runs to suit someone who can't show up and isn't sure whether she's still at walking pace or running a lot faster than me. Better to run alone than to prejudice a good friendship.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • That doesn't sound selfish but like a sensible strategy, it's very frustrating when people let you down like that, especially when we all know how much juggling and planning goes into this running business. She definitely sounds too unreliable as a training partner - as for periods, running is good for period pain and clears the head. Perhaps next time you can say what you're doing and suggest she comes to you if she can make it.
    Glad you got up several respectable peaks in Cumbria, yes Sca Fell is always a bit of a logistical pain unless you've got loads of time or two cars. BTW, when you go to Snowdon, were you planning on sticking the rest of the family on the train to the top? If so, bring credit card, daughters' dowries, lottery winnings etc to cover the incredible fare of £16/adult and £13/child return! Now there's an incentive to walk it instead. (or leave recalcitrant family members in cafe with the Sunday papers).
    Eventually got out and did 6 sweaty miles with the kids on their bikes, either going slightly too fast for my planned pace, or stopping altogether demanding break, drinks, sympathy for imaginary hurts etc. It's called 'quality time' I believe.
  • Thanks for the warning, Laura. It still sounds better value than Alton Towers, especially as we're steam railway geeks. My six-year-old wants to know if there there is room to have a picnic on top of Snowdon or if it just ends in a spike.

    I shall take your advice and invite my friend to join me on a short evening run on a day when a short evening run is on my agenda. Maybe her periods really are terrible, although I absolutely agree that it's better to put on double protection and go out for a run than to take Ponstan.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • It's definitely better value than Alton Towers - as long as the cloudbase doesn't devour the top few hundred feet. Unfortunately, that was exactly what happened to us when we took the train up last October. So we couldn't see anything, and my photo of Matty (the only one brave enough to venture out of the cafe) at the top was taken in driving rain and zero visibility (amazed it actually came out). £47 without summit views is definitely a bit short on value for money.
  • It wasn't a very successful rest day. Fielded for 3 hours in sun, 25+ deg C and high humidity; nearly lost the will to live while the opposition tried to bore us to death patting the ball back.
    Then when we batted, no drinks were provided, and the outfield was so long it was almost impossible to hit a boundary - you had to run everything. Spent 2 hours+ batting, at the end of which I downed 1.5 litres of much-diluted fruit juice & still felt dehydrated. Legs still feel a bit heavy.
    Think tomorrow's interval session will have to be postponed to Monday....
  • Power walk with hubby didn't happen. He's now so sore about the knees that walking at all is a bit of a problem. So it was a hobble's pace around the park with the dog instead. Getting him the number of a sports physio and going out on my own from now on! I do have some sympathy for him, honest! ;-)
  • What: 32 mile bike
    Why: Try to bike every Saturday
    Days since last rest day: Friday
    Days since last hard run: Wednesday

    Well better late then never I guess! Averaged 19.6 mph over the usual loop. Makes a significant difference not having a partner to bike with, my favourite bits of the ride are when I'm drafting!

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