Chips, clocks & photo's

You'd have thought the the organisors could organise it so that when you crossed the finnish line a clock would show your chip time and the camera would go off.
Therefore giving you a photo with your official time on it ......... da daaaaaa.

Simplicity itself ........... or not?


  • Dunno how simple that is - most people seem to finish at the same time as a few other people - the clocks wouldn't know what time to show.

    This year the photographers had superimposed the finishing time on the photo - I thought that was pretty good.
  • There's no time on my photo's. Have I been done?
  • My photo missed off the gantry clock - as that was obviously giving the entire race time, but there are a couple of 'bubbles' on the photo giving location and finishing time.

    You could try sending it back, but might be easier to scan it in and add your own time and get it printed locally. I think a few places offer this now.

    And no cheating on your time !!
  • I also had my time in a bubble in the bottom corner of my photo's. Yet my friend who finished before me didn't. Strange how some got their times on their photo's and others didn't!
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