Stourbridge Stumble 2005

Anyone done this race before? Is it a nice course etc?


  • yes,i think it's a good coarse,the stumble in feb is even better
  • Have a look at last year's photo's on my website under Photo Gallery
  • irs off road and varied, ad i did a pw

    but its great!
  • I am at my mates wedding in Stratford the day before. Drinking may well ensue into the early hours and beyond.

    I still hope to make this though, it's my local race, i'll put myself on a drip if need be. If I'm am knackered at the water station half way, I can 'stumble' the 500m home!

    Hippo is right it's great, especially charging down the hill on the golf course ducking the drives from the 2nd tee!!!
  • birmingham social went well

    anyone interested we are thinking about organising another one for may
    13th or 20th

    post on
    "west midlands social II"

    if you are interested
  • This is a very nice run and i highly recomend it. I ran across part of the course last wednesday in the worcs mid-week race, it was very dry which made the sand very difficult to run on. This is a very nice run and some nice scenery.

  • I aggee with mark, the stumble is my favorite of the two. The stumble if I recall you get seriously wet running through a stream, and the hills are more challenging.
    But anyhow both runs are great, the Stagger I found good for a nice quick run whilst the Stumble I had fun tredding the mud.
  • stream? ur not thinking of the suicide six which goes through himley are you?
  • Shaw.

    I think you are correct, also believe my memory must be failing me a little. I had a recollection there was two races I have done that had streams in the Suicide Six (which I loved), I can't recall the other so assumed it was the Stagger (not Stumble as I said before) that had a water crossing. But looking at photos at dk10, I can see I was wrong in the assumption that there was a water crossing in the Stagger.

    So I must humbly apologise for my lack of memory.
  • don't worry about it, my memory is like a fish
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    How far is this one from a train station, any ideas Guppy and Co?
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Hooray! Cheers for that.

    I might just do this one now then.
  • I will be marshalling telling you all how well you're doing whilst wishing I was also running.

    There are a few good pubs extremely close to the finish.

    dan dan-Stourbridge Junction. Walk down one road to the start at Mary Stevens Park. Registration is on the right just before the park at the school.
  • I can't wait now, i get so excited.

    Matt, Give us a cheer when I come past you, I will need it. I did a 19.5 mile training run last week and I still haven't recovered.
    (p.s. I hate hayfever)
  • Oooh same old faces again eh :-)

    dan dan - aa said you did a good 10 miler the weekend. Welcome back :-) See you at this one then.

    MTB - Hmmm, I now know that marshalling wanting to run feeling (Cobra Classic). Give us a cheer eh :-) Good essential pub info there too :-)
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Thanks,Caz, although the way the knee is today, its premature to say I'm back, and in fact I'll probably NOT be able to do this one now.

    Just been arranging my races on fetcheveryone though, and there's loads to come.Did three last week, so am in no rush...(he says through gritted teeth!)

  • Going back to the stream. A few years back when you come off the field and turn right up the gully, you could here the water gushing down the gully. All the way up to the top we had to run with water above our ankles. Now what year was it ?
    Anybody know ?
  • wonder if i will be last

  • i can remember doing the mid-week last year and the gully was like a river. Thats the same gully which is on stumble isn't it?
  • SP - was the mid-week one the Hagley one which has parts the same as the stumble and stagger? It lashed it that night, it was great :-)
  • SP-I'll be giving everyone a cheer. Won't know how to recognise you. Do people know their numbers yet?
    RC-That was the race, yes. I was watching (injured) and got completely soaked and froze. The runners looked like they were having a great time though.
  • got mine earlier this week. No 6 (i think). was obviously very keen :-) Very memorable that run I must admit :-)
  • mines 4, i think. I will be one of the first amazing feet runners to come past I hope. I wear grey shorts and I'm very big built.
  • i will be last
    i am big built too
  • Have more faith in your self. I'm sure you won't be last. Follow me and you will be fine ;)
  • shaw-Im being realistic
    i always am at these local races
    I was last year

    think im no 44-hope there are more people enterd than that
  • Brill, so I've only got to remember 4's and 6's.
    PH-You'll enjoy it where ever you finish. And you never finish last really. You've already beaten all the people who can't be bothered to run.
  • well said matt.
  • that excuse is wearing thin now
    please could someone run slower than me
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