We have had a number of URWFRC T-shirts on our order system for a while now and I'm anxious that we reach the minimum order quantity so we can get them sorted.

We need to order a minimum of 12 of these from the suppliers. We can mix sizes as well so it is much more straightforward than vests and vestops. We've got 7 on order at the moment plus very positive interest from someone about an eighth. This means we only need 4 more to be able to make an order.

So what are you waiting for? Get your order in NOW!!! Spring will soon be with us, and who knows, this might be the last T-shirt order we do before FLM?!

You know the drill - get on the website, submit your order and get your cheques to me (£12.50 per T-shirt) to me asap.



  • Hi, I just ordered a long sleeved top, I understand it could be ages before you reach your minimum, but don't worry. Was tempted by a t-shirt, but limited funds, and the fact that I own an EU t-shirt mountain due to various sporting events free giveaways etc. put me off. I don't envy your job by the way, I was kit sec. for 2 clubs last year -NIGHTMARE!!
  • I'll order 1
  • Good stuff! Look forward to seeing it on the order system! Anyone else? Three more needed...
  • Brilliant! Got my shirt today and it fits! DW, you're a star.
  • Cheque has been sent to you today for my order. one vest and a long sleeved shirt
  • Maybe I should order one for other half for when he supports me at FLM?
  • Someone give me the website address to order t-shirt please (I'm losing my marbles!!)
  • www.urwfrc.org/index.html
  • ordered a vest too as well
  • two more wanted over here- cheque will be sent tonight
  • Hi all,

    Glad to see there is still plenty of interest in the T-shirts. THis should be enough to reach the minimum order.

    I've just checked the order system though and there don't seem to be any new T-shirt orders on the there. Remember that you need to go to the website (Click Here), login and then order your kit from there. Please also send me your cheques asap, because I can't place the order with the suppliers until I have received everyone's money.


  • uh-oh. was there a long sleeved shirt order from me? I did it on the website, will go again though if need be?
  • DW should be in there cheque in post tomorrow (honest guv)

    If you put it in any time from Monday it won't go rubber....
  • Moosey, yes I've got yours thanks.

    FG, no problems. It won't be banked until after I order from Wasp.

  • Since you are so close on the T Shirt front I will order one as well. You say you can get smaller sizes, can you get one for a seveneight year old? My eldest son comes to all my races and watches. He has also run in the Great Southern Run (mini) and Orpington 2k. Currently he trains with a local athletics club in Bromley.

    Since I am not in next years FLM I have promised him that I will take him with me and that we can give out sweets to the runners which he is over the moon about. I thought it would be a great idea if he could wear a URWFRC T shirt on the day
  • Ashley, I'll have to check with Wasp on this one and get back to you. I'm sure there must be ways and means of getting it done.

  • Thanks.

    so we could havea JURWFRC as well... Better not start this one again as the thread got realy silly last time!
  • Placed my order, Mr DW. Cheque will get posted after I finish work tonight at about 8.30pm!

    Hope that's OK - Will send it first class to make up for tardy posting!

  • Thank you CC.

    What about the rest of you? Come on, get these orders on the website if you haven't done already!

  • Hey count me in - I think santa is struggling to think of anything to get me so I may as well help him out a little!

    I'm a newbie round here but will hopefully see you all in your beautiful new T-Shirts somewhere soon - alas not the FLM though as I didn't get a place :-(

  • Thank you Lindi - have just seen your order.

    Come on guys, just two more needed!!!
  • It looks like we have just about got enough orders on the website to order the T-shirts now.

    However, I am still waiting for payment from a number of people. I know many of you have only ordered in the last couple of days and have probably sent off cheques, but there are also some who ordered some time ago and who I'm still waiting for payment from (I emailed you all yesterday).

    Until I receive payment from EVERYONE, I cannot place the order, so please either send me your payment asap or, if you've decided you don't want a T-shirt anymore, let me know so that I can cancel your order.


  • Just ordered a t-shirt and vest DW, cheques will be in the mail this weekend, so hopefully be waiting for you on Monday.
  • I've been trying to logon as a new member and the site won't let me. I am a mac user, does this matter?
  • Pigwilliam,

    This is a question best answered by Swiss Bobby I think. If you want some kit, drop me an email and we'll sort it out.


  • My cheque is inn the post as of about 3 seconds ago.

    Sorry for the delay (I forgot!)


  • Doh - check is in the mail.
  • I'd just like to point out that at least one forumite was rpoudly wearing the subtle yellow T shirt yesterday on club business... follow that trend chaps!
  • Doh - Sorry - CHEQUE is in the mail - I blame all this dumbing down!!!!!!!!
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