I don't do IT often but.......

Think that's how it was spelt!!

Don't watch telly much at all but watched this programme last night on BBC2 @ 9pm and it was the best thing (except Queen Paula on SPOTY of course) I've seen on telly since the Office!

Wow....I who needs my bed @ 10pm was so naffed off when it ended at 10.30pm I wanted more!!!!

Shall not go into the details of it in case someone has videoed it but just had to share this with ya all!



    Sure you could find something more intresesting to do at 10.30pm ????????????
  • I could !!!

    Heh heh !!!
  • you bloody would Nicko LMAO
  • I meant Make a milky Drink........

    What are you thinking about ????
  • horlicks M8 horlicks
  • LL: you flippin horrid git!

    What were you doing at 10.30pm then eh?? Jacuzzi, bridges etc etc?
  • he,s naughty isnt he Wolfy........
  • he's very, very naughty Nicko, go see my last post on milano and you'll see how this puddy tat is feeling!
  • GIT!!!!!!!! is that the best you can do Oh shaven one?????

    10.30 last night I was in the local curry house, with friends on a B/day celebration
  • LL: never swear at those I consider friends (past tense in your case!!!). Boo hoo prrrrrr prrrr

    (poor shaven pussy walks slowly away with a tear in her eye).

    ps bet you were puffing away on your smelly fags an all!
  • Oh sorry wuz this sposed to be a sufistikated fred then???????????
  • Actually I was struggling through the chefs famous Afterburner blow your head of house special curry
  • Yes it twas faggy!

    I gather you didn't watch this fab program then eh?

    Got a confession to make LL, got pissed last night despite vowing to be on back of that flippin wagon Monday - Thursday.

  • Won't ask about your ring today then?

    Sorry for lower the tone again..can this puddy tat not go anywhere without being disgusting??

    (walks off feeling even more naughty now!)
  • NNNNNNEEEEErrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrTo u as well.

    At 10.30 last nite I was a good lickle boy.

    All tucked up in bed asleep,(not thru frickin choice).
  • My lips are sealed, not going to expand on the rude thoughts that Nicko's last post have conjured up!!

    Has somebody in my office put sommat in me coffee today?
  • Dont worry about it Wolfy Im alway disgusting.

    Its part of my character........
  • Naughty girl.....gonna have to put you over my knee, pull down your navy blues and......

    oh the mental image...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dissapears fast case she really get the arse with me(no pun intended)
  • My other post should have had ALONE in it.

  • I'm offski now, Nicko make sure LLL doesn't cause any more trouble whilst I'm gone!
  • Nicko pops out again, cos he,s a big boy.

    And he,s allowed to GO!!!!

    Ohh Wolfy. Heh heh!!!!!
  • LLL = lovely legless
  • AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW she's so sweet!!!!!!!!!!
  • Aint she ,
    I see a song in there somewhere!!!!!
  • Nicko, you avoiding DS now?
  • No mate just flitting about.

    Zip from SB.

    Got ur mail.......

  • Blimey, and this started as a serious thread...

    Wolfy - I saw it! And yes, it was excellent, if a little confusing. I thought it was going to be a comedy, but it wasn't, though it was funny. Superb programme - if they repeat it, I think people should take the chance and watch it. Be warned though - some of it is extremely unpleasant and not easy to watch.
  • La Scala.


    Oh dear, all the glass has just blown out of the windows. Must be my delightful singing.
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