Are we Unofficially Affiliated ?

So if this is a real albeit virtual running club, are we un/officially affiliated with whoever it is we need to be, so we can tick the 'Affiliated' box on entry forms and save a few beer tokens ? Cheap, or what ?

Point of etiquette : How should one pronounce 'URWFRC' in polite company, as it sounds like something one utters when one's hamstring shreds ...


  • This has been addressed on several other threads before - no, URWFRC are not affiliated and on the last go-round most people voted against it - it's a lot of donkey work, costs money, and takes away the whole point of having a hassle-free virtual club
  • On the other hand, some of us actually put it as our affiliated club for the hell of it despite paying unaffiliated rates, cos we're PROUD. You choose
  • As a 'lone' runner i am proud to be part of the URWFRC and always put it as my club on entry forms, but like BK I tick the unaffiliated box.

    to answer wizard's question, I just tell friends that is a virtual club and dont bore them with the name(cos to be honest I dont spose they give two hoots what its called-but I think it is pronounced:-
  • Hi LLL, hows it hanging
  • I pronounce it like Norfolk but without the N. That's the easiest pronounciation I can get for it, even if you do have to basically treat the abbreviation as Welsh for that to work ;)
  • If it means so much to you to save a few quid. Join a club and get affiliated (total cost = £20 in my case) and then don't bother going to any training sessions.

    Alternatively, be brave and talk to other runners. Just because you join a club doesn't mean you have to run the "Hairy arsed old blokes grizzly cross country around the back of beyond 10k" every Saturday. You are allowed just to train with them without ever competing and it will improve your running. And it's nioce to have some company on these cold dark evenings. And they drink beer. And they might give you a club FLM place.
  • DB, many words for this early mate! But Yeah!
  • I pride myself on being a man of many words and few actions.
  • The very nice people at Dartford Running Club have said that if you tick the affiliated box and put down your club as URWFRC they will allow you to pay the affiliated status.
    I have done this as at least one other. There is a thread in Events called DARTFORD 10 in which KIP (race organisor) comments on this and is also keeping a track for us of all entrants.
    See you at Dartford (hopefully with my URWFRC kit...
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