Fat Club - Saturday 17th

Thought I'd get things started.

Well, I may as well own up now... I've an evening of loud partying and boozing planned :) So dietary requirements are null and void today - well this evening anyway. But, I'll make up for it tomorrow - I'm ging to the gym and then going to the yoga class and sauna and steam after that - healthy day planned :)


  • We are the early birds, Today I shall forget about my diet, as I am having a bar lunch and some beer when I go up to Glasgow shopping, tomorrow, I shall do 6 mile long run ( easing my way back after injury ) hopefully by Tuesday ( weigh day ) I will have done enough for at least a 1lb loss. Have a good weekend all ...
  • Hi Cath. Enjoy your party. I am envious - while you're partying, I'll probably be having my ear bent about my friend's efforts to confirm her suspicions that her fella has a cocaine habit.

    I hope to get in two training sessions today - a mixed cardio and resistance session in the posh gym (finally decided that I'll join - since Kevin the Teenager persuaded me to shell out £48 for a Timberland fleece for her last week, the £44 a month to get unlimited use of a big air-conditioned gym, lots of classes and 20 metre ozone pool sounds a snip in comparison), and a little swim in the early afternoon, then a walk/run with prospective training partner tonight in which I'll cover about 9 miles. So I'll be on runners' refuelling rations most of today. I've had a nice big healthy breakfast, a stack of pancakes is defrosting, and the Haagen-Dazs has migrated to the top of the freezer. I PROMISE I will only eat one-quarter of the tub...

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • V-rap -- I don't envy you. Have been through that very same experience with my Mother about my Sister (who I don't speak to because of it).

    Glad you joined the posh gym. I worked out that if I'd joined the council run gym near me I would be shelling out as much to attend their yoga classes, swim, sauna and steam. But with the package I got - it's all in. Have to make a decent effort on Sunday too - weigh day on Monday.
  • Morning all, Didnt come on yesterday because i took a day off work and went to the beach.

    Did some swimming in the sea, 3 x 30 mins pulling a rubber dingy with my 2 girls in.
    Then went for a bike ride in the evening, nice trial riding through the woods.
    BUT I my eating was not as good as it should have been.. even had a choccy bar.

    Felt bad this morning so i went for a run with my brother in law. Might go for another ride tonight.

    Have a nice weekend everyone

  • I have a confession to make ....... I have a large pork pie habit - it was wonderful still warm with runny jelly .....

    Long run tomorrow and a short one on Monday now have to get my right for Tuesday weigh in - now NO BEER for 3 nights, is that all ...
  • hi everyone,
    after pigging out for the last 2 days on manchester tarts and custard doughnuts Ive still managed to lose 2lbs, but Iwill have to be careful next week in case they catch up with me( on my next run Ill have to imagine douhnuts chasing me, it might make me run a bit faster ).

    Has anyone done the CHESTER ZOO 10K or the LIVERPOOL 10K ? Which do you think is the most fun and slow coach friendly ?

    Good luck with the weigh ins! I usually do mine Saturday morning so Ive got the rest of the week to put right the damage Ive done on the Saturday night.

    week1 -2lb
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Feeling virtuous this morning as I went for an early morning run and haven't pigged out yet! However we're planning a barbie tonight and the halloumi cheese is calling me (I'm veggie) plus I've made some satay sauce (YUM) for the vegetable kebabs.........

    Went horse-riding as well but too hot to do any serious work (it's bad enough the poor horse has to carry a tub of lard like me without asking him to do a workout in this heat!).

    V-rap, we're surrounded by drug abuse - hubbies in the music industry - so I sympathise with your friend. The biggest giveaway I know of cocaine abuse is hyperactivity. Bad news all round, thankfully hubby's managed to stay clear of it all.

    Long run planned for tomorrow so need to get out really early before it's too hot to move. Weigh-in day Monday.

    Have a good weekend everyone.
  • Evening all,

    Wasn't sure if any FC members would be here over the weekend. Very pleased to see the few who are here.

    Mister Running Muppet is currently cooking me pork in cider with mushrooms and cream. Mmmmm. Tomorrow he's doing a chicken curry with lime, coriander and coconut cream so I'm having a bit of a heavy weekend food wise - still it's very yummy and that's what's so good about running - you can still eat well and have treats and lose weight too. (Although let's wait till Monday's weigh in before we see if that's true or not)

    Haven't been for a run since Thursday night's speed session where I over-cooked it a bit. My legs are still feeling tired and leaden and I'm only running 3 times a week at the moment anyway. Supposed to be doing my long run tomorrow and was thinking of doing 9 miles instead of the usual 7. However, with the sore legs am not sure whether to just stick to 7 miles this week.

    Hope your bbq is good Redhead.

    Also, V-rap sorry to hear of your friends situation. I worked in the media for years and was always amazed at the number of people who partook of the white stuff.
  • Evening all!
    Oh I've been bad today - I have had...FIVE ICE LOLLIES..!!!! How bad is that! Last night I was also bad.. garlic bread, pasta & half-bottle of champagne. Haven't done any exercise today (been stuck on the M25 for 4 hours instead..) - the only thing that has been exercised is my tongue turning the air blue in my car!!!! Anyway, going to make up for it all in the morning with a 6 mile run (so she says...).. but then tomorrow afternoon me and The Husband are going to a BBQ - more alcohol! Can't get away from the stuff (well I could if I had any willpower!!). Anyway, got all that off my chest - so at least I feel better, as though I've done Confession! I will update you all tomorrow night (if I'm still sober enough to use this computer!!). Monday is 'weigh-in day'... oh dear...
    Michelle x
  • How bad is five ice-lollies, Michelle? Well, if they're Mini-Milks or fruit flavoured water ices, not even a teeny little bit bad. If they're those Magnums that have a layer of toffee between two chocolate coatings, they're best reserved for refuelling after a run and a serving = one lolly. Have they got ice-lolly vendors patrolling the big circular car-park now? It's about time! Hope the idea spreads to the M6.

    Another example of my defective portion control popped up today. I was flicking through the latest issue of Esquire while eating my bananas at the posh gym, and saw a recipe for fresh tuna in which Gordon Ramsay said that 100g of tuna per person was sufficient. I had a bit over 200g last night according to the label on the pack, and didn't feel overfed. Since Gordon Ramsay runs marathons and throws picky eaters out of his restaurant, I feel like a real glutton now.

    There's a lot of drug abuse where I work (ganja, benzos and heroin are traded through car windows less than a minute's walk from the surgery, and we've been used as an observation point by the drug squad), but I don't come across much cocaine - wrong social profile, I think. My friend's suspicions were aroused by her partner's rapid weight loss, mood swings, and evasiveness about his whereabouts when he travels for work, but I don't see much point in her getting obsessed with searching his belongings for "evidence" when she has no idea what she'll do if her suspicions are confirmed.

    Is it true, then, RM, that everyone in the world of glossy magazines is snorting coke?

    Cheers, V-rap.
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