Hay fever

Can anyone out there help me? The past few years I have been getting early season hayfever, which I have got right now. I have tried Boots All Day (loratadine) and Benadryl(acrivastine), each with partial success symtpom-wise. I don't mind which one I take, but I don't want it to affect my running and in particular the FLM race itself. Does anyone have experience of these medicines as a runner, or is there something else I should try (particularly for early season hayfever). Thanks.


  • Hi RB, I too am a sufferer and am suffering now too. Apparently it's apple blossom in bloom? Whatever it is I wish I didn't suffer!!

    Anyhow, I use Benedryl and sometimes Claratyn depending which is on special offer! I've not had any problem using them, in fact without them I'd not be able to run as it brings on my asthma, which is allergy related.

    I usually use Beconase too, but am seeing if I can go without that this season. I'm not sure as my nose is like a tap at the moment, so might end up taking it.

    Sorry not much of a useful answer, only to say that taking the medicines shouldn't affect your race, but the symptoms could if not controlled!
  • Hi Hilly
    Thanks for replying. You're the only other person I've come across who suffers at this time of year.

    I didn't remember any side effects in previous years, but I wasn't training for a marathon then. A couple of weeks ago I took some loratadine on Saturday and then on Sunday morning I felt really tired but in a "wiped out" sort of way rather than normal tiredness.

    Do you see any pattern to the hay fever? Mine is really bad in the early hours (3am onwards) but varies hugely from day to day. Last night was the worst and I hardly slept. I had such a sore throat this morning I didn't do the planned tempo run cos I thought I was coming down with a cold. Turns out it was the hay fever all along, so I'll have another go tomorrow.
  • I used to suffer with hayfever quite badly and last year was the first year that I didn't suffer with it at all...free from hayfever! It was bliss!!

    The answer was locally made honey. But you have to have it regularly throughout the preceeding Autumn and Winter.

    I have it on a slice of toast for breakfast every morning and now look forward to allergy free running :)
  • I think I suffer mildly from tree blossom hayfever - itchy eyes and a runny nose after i've done exercise outside.

    Would you recommend Benedryl?

    Trinity, I'd follow your lead, except I can't stand honey!
  • it has to be locally made tho BunnyPhobia
  • I have hayfever pretty much all season but does start early - mostly tree pollens I've been told in the past. I have to take prescription anti-histamines (currently Fexofenadine - Telfast), Beconase otherwise I don't function and can have asthma probs too.
    You may find taking the pills at night before you go to bed helps, especially if you're suffering during the night. Also might help reduce the wiped out feelings although as your body gets used to the meds that should disappear.
    Have heard great things about local honey previously but I really, really can't stand the stuff!!
  • RB-I seem to suffer in the early hours too. I've actually been woken with a dry scratchy throat and REALLY itchy ears. I too get a tiredness that isn't normal and maybe it could be why I've not felt my running was good this week.

    I wish I liked honey Trin as I'd give the local stuff ago, but I detest it. Unless I could add it to something, any suggestions and where would you go to buy local honey?

    Not used tablets at night, but that might be worth a try.
  • your local organic shop (if you live in a trendy area like me) should sell local honey. failing that anywhere that looks a bit hippyish. never heard of ealry hayfever I don't get it until mid May then subsides end of June after 6 weeks of misery!
  • I have it from March til Sept!

    I don't live in a trendy area, but I'll have a look in a few health places.
  • small Garden centres sometimes sell it, there's also a website that you can search out your local honey suppliers on....don't know what the website addy is but i'm sure you could find it via google.

    How about honey in porridge or something?

    Really, it is worth it if you can get it in your system somehow... it's so great to be free of all those hayfever symptoms!
  • I eats loads of honey, but maybe it's not local ENOUGH (I also live right next to a park - lots of trees wafting pollen into the house). A good place to buy local honey is a farmer's market, if there's one near you. Or, where I love (SE London) there are lots of spring fairs & other things through the summer with local produce.

    Up to now I've been waiting for symptoms before taking tablets as I;d rather not take things unless I need them. Maybe I'll experiment in the next couple of weeks and see how I feel. Thanks for all the advice.
  • Hope you get it sorted RB, likewise me too!

    Thanks Trin and all for where to buy local honey. I think I can stomach it in porridge and as you say if it rids of the symptoms then it's worth a shot.
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