well it was when i started out this morning, and all the cars still have snow on them!!!


  • Where abouts are you.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Just rain in London.
  • It's dull and cloudy here in Lincolnshire.
  • Cardiff!!!! snowy blowy cardiff
  • actually just looked out of the window and its gone wet, sludgy cardiff now, but honest guvnor, it was snowing big white floaty flakes at 8 this morning.
  • sleety crap here in worcestershire....
  • No snow in Swansea... just raining in my heart!!
  • thats because your a swansea jack sc#mb#g!!!!!
  • (only joking, mother was born in Neath so i'm hardly about to start boasting!)
  • Ohh Greeny xxxxx
  • HeweyHewey ✭✭✭
    No snow here in Abu Dhabi, in fact it's hot and sunny again!
  • sorry greeny -don't be mad (is greeny mad foxy?). hewey you're just showing off now!!
  • Greeny mad ?? absolutely !!
  • (as in insane !!)
  • well, what can you expect from a swansea jack.
  • HeweyHewey ✭✭✭
    Yep, and I'll be thinking of all of you in the cold when I go out for a run in shorts & vest this afternoon!
  • I was really mad last night, because the free bus that the company I work for puts on went without me.
    The stupid c$&ts should have known I was suppossed to be on it.
    Had to get that one off my chest, I feel alot better now.
  • *** snow update *** snow update *** snow update ***

    we've got the white fluffy stuff here in tewkesbury !
  • Lucky you, Scooby Lou.
  • Still happening here.

    Just ventured to the bottom of the garden to feed the ducks, couldn't find my way back to the house, wandered around for about an hour, saw a starnge light through the tress, went there to be met by a faun called Mr Tumnus, then an evil Queen came through the woods on her sleigh.

    Sorry, just got excited
  • Lovely hot sunny day in Liverpool today. Absolutely cracking the flags, must be 85 degrees at least. I'll be out in my shorts and vest this afternoon.
  • is your duck pond at the back of your wardrobe behind the dusty shoes?
  • No snow here in Oxford, I'm so very disappointed. Just the usual boring rain. Those lying bastards who write the weather reports, never again will I put my faith in them!!!
  • Luckily I decided to wear one of the musty old fur coats whilst I was playing hide and seek.
  • I take back what I said earlier.... jesus... it's just come from nowhere and now everything is covered with white stuff.... omg... I might even be getting a little excited [can't have that]
  • Foxy,

    I just got very excited at your excitement.
  • Great..... in awe of your DS moves btw
  • Snowing in Wilmslow, bout 30 mins ago!
  • Wolfy you in Wilmslow you furless kit?

    was snowsleety in Altrincham too about then
  • Oh no, please no snow until 21 Dec - then I don't have to drive to work and back in it!
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