I've started again! Any tips/advice from the experts?

Hi all,

Back again! I started running about this time last year, sweating and heaving my overweight carcass around the local common like Ivor the Engine, until I'd built up to 28 minutes continuous running. Was feeling pretty pleased with myself at the start of last summer...until I overdid it one day and it all went pear-shaped. It was hotter than usual and I didn't drink enough, and found myself seeing alot of black mist and almost met the ground rather suddenly.

It seriously rattled my confidence and I didn't run for a while - I did the occasional bike ride and only ran once more. Then life took over, as it does, and I haven't been running for months.

However...thanks to Weight Watchers I have shed 16 and a half pounds since December, and along with the spring weather my running shoes have come out of retirement! I went out yesterday to a fresh bit of common, and set out on a 1 min run/90secs walk routine. I found it easier than I expected - probably due to carrying less weight than I was last time - so I switched to 3 mins run/1 min walk. It was a breeze so I picked up speed and decided to keep running. Then I turned up a steep hill, decided I felt okay and ran all the way up - then it was all over, ha ha! I really should have listened to that little voice I heard at the bottom of the hill ("are you mad, you can't run up there yet you'll die").

So I arrived back at base at a much slower speed, feeling a tad sore but very motivated. I did all my stretches so I only ache a little bit today!

I'm pleased to be giving it another go, although my concern is that I have less time these days than I did a year ago. I may only be able to run at weekends, with maybe a short one mid-week at a push. How do you all fit it in? Any ideas as to how I can progress without training every day?

Nice to be back by the way!


  • Hello!

    Just saw your message and thought I must write and say Well Done! Getting back into your trainers is a killer after a break but I hope you feel better for it.

    I thought you might enter something like the great south run in September give yourself an achievable distance to look forward to and that'll get you out running at least a couple of times a week. I find it hard to motivate myself usually to run but as I've been training for the Marathon its incredible how easy it has been to fit in the four runs a week when you're scared!!!!! I tend to do a short run one morning a week before work (sounds nasty but you feel great all day) and then at least one in the evening and one on a Sunday followed by pub lunch!

    Nice easy runs that you can start enjoying are definately the way forward. Get a friend out with you it takes the boredom out of it.

    Good luck!!
  • Well done getting back out there!

    I am just back from a run - no hills! hehe first in 6 months, am slower and having to go back to 4, 5 and 6 min runs with a 1 min walk in between, but am pleased, as when I first set out last spring only managed 90 seconds and felt like i was going to die then! hehe

    don't feel that bad this time so that's good.

    What worked 'time wise' was to put my runs on the calender / organiser. That way I knew when I was 'busy' already and didn't double book myself.

    good luck with your next run.
  • welcome back ladies

    Haushinka-i think what you did last time was to put too much pressure on yourself
    build up slowly
    Can you find someone else to run with
    Good luk
  • great to see you again plodding hippo! :D
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