Running supplements

Do you take any food supplements to improve performance or help with recovery ?
I'll start the ball rolling :-

Multivitamin (with Zinc) - to prevent colds,
Calcium - to strengthen bones,
Creatine - after heavy days helps muscle recovery.

Other than these, I eat plenty of fruit and veg - and snack on nuts for protein.


  • I take 200mg of ferrous sulphate most days.

    This has nothing to do with improving my running performance. It's because my haemoglobin was only just adequate for blood donation three times in succession and it saves me from having to have two jabs instead of one.

    Running is an intrinsically pointless activity for someone of my standard and I wouldn't do it if I didn't think I was physiologically equipped to cope with it without taking supplements.
  • take multivits with iron
    and echincaea(for colds)

    but not specifically for running
  • I take multivitamins, L Carnitine, L Glutamine, Iron and whey protein.
  • Dried fruit:
    Dried mango, dried pineapple, dried apricots, dried pears.

    The best "on the go" running food there is. I have found the pinapple and mango in Oxfam. It's Fairtrade stuff, it's organic, it's about 80% carbs with next to no fat, it tastes great and you can eat it easily on the run.

    It beats all these power bars and squeeze gels into a cocked hat!
  • General muliti-vit & min - doesn't noticeably help my running, but might be doing some good.

    velociraptor wrote: Running is an intrinsically pointless activity for someone of my standard

    Why so?
  • multi-vit & mineral (insurance - student 'diet'), extra calcium ('cos family osteoporosis). Malt loaf & soya milk would be my best running fuel, along with dark choc!
    Also eat lots of fruit & veg - unavoidable really since i'm vegan (ethics originally, though i think it's helped my running).
  • multivits with iron, echinacea, glucosamine, creatine, whey protein. Not all for running & not all the time.
  • multi-vit with iron, if I remember.
  • Multi vit, Co Enzyme 10 and veggie blend of Omega oils 3,6 and 9.
  • lots, probably p1ss 90% of them straight out but what the hell.

    Main things are a good multivit A-2-Z type.
    Then add more vit e, cod liver oil (why wait until your joints hurt?) and glucosamine sulphate.

    Anything else is a bonus.

    For recovery drinks (longer than 2 hours)
    L-Glutamine,whey protien, honey + soya milk

    slimfast for longer than 1 hour
  • As winter gets closer starting on my routine of Multi Vit + Iron (one a day), Zinc (one a day) and Vit D K3 (one a day), plus Omega 3.

    Any recommendations on where to buy supplements from (Boots, Healthspan, NaturesBest?)

  • Supermarket is probably your best bet, cheaper and it's all the same. Tesco do their own range, usually they're on buy two get one free.

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