Training troubles with a race looming ;large

Can anyone help? I played some badminton and then the following day a game of squash followed by a 6M run, ever since then if I run any distance even 4M my legs fatigue quiclky and my quads are sore the next day. I've a race in a weeks time and am really worried that I wont make it or will go and wont be able to finish or be last in. I usually run approx 20M a week but this has dropped right off over the past two weeks. Any advice?


  • Have you given your legs a decent rest for a day or so? Try swimming if you have a pool available to rest them from the pounding. How long is your race? Take 4-5 days before the race totally off the running and you should feel better.
  • i play badminton on a saturday and never used to think of it as exercise, though it was fairly strenous I viewed it as a hobby whilst the running's a bit more than that. however, i realised that during 2 hrs of badminton the impact on your legs is equivalent to a hard speedwork session, so you need to have an easy day after, with lots of stretching.

    try a massage and stretching after an easy walk. swimming, as mentioned above might help, or cycling on an easy gear.

    don't worry about the mileage, what you do before the last fortnight leading up to a race is all that counts.

  • Thanks for your replys. The race is a 10K. I ended up having to rest completely after the squash as my legswere so sore especially the quads which really suprised me as I always thought that the running made them strong. Sunday I ran 7.2M just to prove to myself that I could do the distance and yesterday I did 5M incorporating some speed work for the rest of the week I thought I'd just do some steady runs, maybe two of 3-4M as the race is this Sunday. I have trhis habit of over training and then having to ease right back and feel miserable!
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