everything has gone "George dubya" round here. I'm thick, the systems are slow as me running, the printer says "error 2674 due to you being late home most of this week, I'd like to go home eat your dinner and have a bonk with your missus you sap...Plus my toner is low"

help someone get me out of here...


  • and i'm on my own
  • and talking to myself
  • ok i'm rebelling, that's about 20 hrs unpaid overtime this week (despite me renegotiating deadlines) they can stick their poxy job - i'm officially on strike

    (or at least working to rule)
  • No, you're not alone!
  • I'm outta here

    woohoo - zilla runs through building shedding clothes - races through reception and bursts into the cold air naked and free, free as a man that just ran naked into -3 degree temparatures....Sudden change of heart - i mean work can't be that bad, be finished in a tick really - think of the feeling of accomplishment, mollified, lizardman plods back past security gaurd picking up secirity pass and pants on way back up to turn off pc.....

  • Thanks Alan
  • nite mate.
  • I thought so - have managed to make up a wicked 3 page graph showing a "decay" model based on principles and assumptions that are currently only in my deranged and highly caffeinated mind - that will keep them busy tomorrow and buy me some time- It's not what they want, but am i the only person who know's that???? - i'm going to go home and see if i can repair a relationship torn assunder by my work life and also get a quick run in too... no chance... run it is then... seeya sunday if not before

    not going to happen is it...
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