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I have a fairly old Timex Ironman Triathlon watch (it only stores 8 laptimes). It has a countdown timer feature that I used to use but now appears to have been lost (i.e. reset). The countdown would start at 80 secs say and when it reached zero it would start again for 80 secs and bleep for 10 secs. In case you are interested (wake up at the back!) I used this for my interval sessions; I would aim for a 90 second lap which meant that I would have to finish before the bleeps ended, and then I would start my next lap when the bleeps started (giving me a 70 second rest - I shall be testing you on this later). The problem is that now when the countdown reaches 0 it bleeps for 10 secs but does not return to 80 and repeat. I have tried to find some combination of buttons that would return this watch to its former glory but to no avail. If you have this watch and can help me then please respond. Also if you do not have this watch but have read this message anyway then please tell me why!


  • Can't help there. I have the Timex Rush VO2max which has TWO timers so i can do 2 minutes fast followed by one minute slow or similar.
    Perhaps it's time for you to buy a new watch? The Ironman is still on sale, but i think it now has a 50 lap memory as well as all the other facilities.
  • you need to set the timer to countdown repeat - there are three types - countdown stop (which sounds like what you have), countdown start, and countdonw repeat.this puts a CR in the screen when you are in this mode.. I will try and find the key presses for you.
  • Thanks, if you could let me know I would appreciate it. I don't really want a new watch as this does (or rather did) everything I want.
  • David, Have you tried the Timex website from which you can download manuals? Try the following (text might wrap around)

  • Pure genius! Now why didn't I think of that (will have to do some intervals now!)
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