London Vs Boston



  • Mmmm bit difficult that one!
    Have spent most of the last holidays abroad that I have had at my parents as they live in Cyprus. Not the same as a real holiday though more like visiting your parents!!
    Kids used to go every year for 3 weeks so I had peace for most of the hols anyway and then I would have my leave from work when they were back in school (not particularly maternal!!) lol
  • Do your kids go to boarding school then? I wouldn't have thought you would have wanted that after you went to one. Must be nice to have the break though. My sister has a little boy. I love him to death & I love playing with him. But... I can see what people mean about it being nice to give them back afterwards:) My uncle has a place in Northern Spain. Everyone else in the family has had an invite, except me. Didn't really like Spain all that much. It's Europes dust bowl.

    It's probably a lot nicer where you live though. I live in London, which is drab and grey. I wanted to move to the Country, but made some mistakes & missed the boat for the property ladder. A small semi goes for about €300, 000 over here. A friend of mine is predicting a property market collapse. I hope he is right.
  • No my kids are at home! Like you say wouldn't have sent them away. Though the one I went to was not a posh one. It was for forces kids and ones sent because they had problems at home. It was state run and either the council or the forces paid the boarding fees.

    I do live in a nice area in the countryside with lots of hills and fields.
    Couldn't afford to live anywhere else. Couldn't even afford the house I have now if I had to buy it again and its only worth £90k its a reasonable size semi.
    Don't envy anyone trying to get on the property ladder now
  • I am retiring for the night now. Happy running if you are out. I am doing 10 miles tomorrow.
    Got square eyes now
  • Sure RF. I've got a 12 miler on Sunday. Have a nice route planned, taking in about 3 miles along The Thames. Nice talking to you. Good luck with FLM.
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