UK Ironman

Does anyone have any info about the UK Ironman? I would like to go and watch. Any ideas about where to watch from, etc? I had thought about volunteering, so that I could get a bit more involved/ closer to the action. Thoughts?


  • There's a thread about it in this very forum. I've boinged it for you. There'll be loads of pirates and Serpies doing it, and lots more of us supporting.
  • Boinged? What's that? Whatever it is, nothing is happening at my end. Can you give me the link please?
  • Boinged = bounced or posted on the thread to move it up to near the top of the thread listings.

    Here is the link though youll have to cut and paste into your browser.
  • or failing that - just cast your eye down the list of threads in this forum, and you will see one called Ironman UK.

    See - it's like UK Ironman, but subtly different.

  • You smart alec Jj. I like your picture. I've got a stuffed Paddington Bear you might like to meet. He's got a hole in his back for some reason and he's a bit squishee, but other than that, he's a game little feller.
  • I think that, if you were a little more careful with your scythe, that fewer of your toys would bear terrible scars.

    And while I applaud and celebrate diversity, I'm really not sure that interspecies introduction is the way forward for leopardkind.

    [adjusts li'l pink bow primly, and straightens whiskers]
  • Please delete the second "that" in my opening sentence. I was flustered when you called me a smart alec.
  • It has nothing to do with my scythe. What do you think the hole in the back is for? Think about it!!! (Evil laugh).

    Don't worry about having too many thats. I never check my grammar on forums.
  • [rolls eyes]

    I prefer to deal in subtlety, Angel. I didn't have to, or want to, "think about it".

    But you are kind not to judge me too harshly on my grammar. It is a weakness.
  • I actually meant to type Grandma instead of grammar- as a sort of intentional Froidian slip. I guess my subconscious was protecting me from some crossing some kind of line?

    Hey, you are kind to talk to me. It's death having my job. It's a killer!!!
  • lol at froidian slip.
  • I prefer a half slip. Though a full slip does provide moments of fun when it's worn erroneously under a slit skirt.
  • But perhaps you're too Jung to remember that...
  • LOL. You're one crazy cat Jj.
  • [jazz haaaaands!]
  • I think you're purrrrrrfect. You can put a collar on me anytime :)

    Wey hey. How creepy am I?
  • [reverses quietly behind Oxymoron's knees]
  • You can vanish behind mine I have chunky knees.

    I was going to say varnish but nrrrrrrrrr couldnt be bothered.
  • YOU should have been in bed at that time, young feller-me-lad.
  • Yea got to manage these later nights I always have but as the training gears up I just fall asleep anyway.

    Still was up at 8.00 for a 80 mile ride today (((((((((beam))))))))))
  • but did you DO the 80-mile ride??

    well done, CarlyBarly.
  • Yepers...............

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