Breakfast on The Day

What are you planning to eat for breakfast on the morning of the 17th? I'm staying at someone else's house the night before (they live 10 mins walk from the start so it seems like the polite thing to do!) so difficult to have my usual wierdy beardy porridge / ground seeds / flax oil combination. As an experiment, I did my longest run (20 miles) on poached egg on toast which seemed to do the trick. How about you?? Beans on toast has also been recommended to me, but bit nervous about running on gas...


  • Will be sticking to my usual porridge/honey and banana I think, wouldn't dare try anything different on the day!
  • Bacon roll, banana, fruit yoghurt and choccy/coffee combo. Did last long run on entire tub of low fat chicken liver pate and ryvita and was fine, but for tradition's sake will stick with above.
  • I am hoping the hotel I am stopping at will prepare me my usual pre run meal of beans on toast.Run close to me at your own risk!!
  • Strange as it may sound but my bast runs have come off the back of a full english breakfast. Cooked very healthily of course. I read a marathon book the other day which said under no circumstances should you run off one of these. Hmmmm.....think I must be missing something
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    I shall have my usual cup of coffee and porridge plus a rice cake with peanut butter.

    Mrs M, why not take your wierdy beardy porridge / ground seeds / flax oil combination to your friend's house?
  • Sezz, the chap I'm staying with is one of my husband's banking clients. I've never even met him! Hopefully I don't have any bad habits that will put him off sending further business Mr M's way...

    As to why I don't take breakfast with me, I guess on one level I'd just find my breakfast ritual a bit embarrassing and awkward to carry (certain oats, certain milk, certain dried fruit etc etc - would use up practically my entire tupperware collection which I'd then have to put on the Flora lorry!) but also if truth be told now the weather's warming up I'm sometimes finding it lies a little too heavy on the (already heavy enough) tum. Trying to find something that is nice and straightforward to prepare on the morning. Will do my 2 hours tomorrow on poached eggs on toast again to see if that really does work!
  • I normally have a mixture of Alpen and bran flakes 2 hours before a long run which does me really well.

    Good luck everyone!
    Nik x
  • 2 slices of toast and marmite or jam, 2 hours before is my morning fuel, plus the habitual cup of tea! mmmmm

  • porridge,banana, yougart and cup of tea
  • Mcdonalds
    For Porridge & toast
  • I'm staying at a hotel on the Saturday which offers an all you can eat buffet breakfast on the Sunday. My husband and daughter will just have to stuff their faces to get my money's worth, as I'm taking my own porridge with me and hope they'll allow me to use their microwave, as i have such a massive bowl of it, i need to heat it up midway through eating. I plan to pocket bananas, rolls, yogs, etc., for after the event.
  • Two slices of toast with honey and a banana and two cups of tea, and of course two immodium instants when I get to Greenich Park
    Good luck everyone
  • MrsM why not try to addapt your usual brekkie and make it into a musli!

    I usually have porridge with pumkin linseed& sunflower seeds, rasins, and maple syrup a few hours before a long run.

    If it feels like it my lay heavy, or I am running earlier than usual I turn it into a musli, have a little less of everything and ommit the maple syrup.

    Don't forget the Imodium Plus! although if you haven't tried them by now it may be a little late.
  • Coco Pops - They even turn the milk chocolatey ;O)
  • Tried an Oatso Simple porridge thingy this morning - jolly tasty and much less bother than my usual concoction. That's it for me!
  • Tea, Porridge, and wholemeal toast with peanut butter!! Mmmmmm........

  • 2 or 3 slices of grannary toast woth jam, a banana and 3 double espressos.
    Good speed all x
  • Porridge with a mashed banana topped with runny honey, it's like rocket fuel and I find this works well.

    Good luck to all and anyone running London Marathon for the first time enjoy the experience.
  • Porridge with maple syrup at about 6am. Then a gel (Powerbar) and Imodium shortly before the start!

  • yes, gotta agree with the immodium bit. just in case............ better safe than sorry. no seriously...... don't have anything that you haven't run on before. whatever works for you. something that is low GI and nutritious will be fine.
  • I'm staying in a hotel near Paddington and have to leave before they serve breakfast, so I plan to eat flap jack. (not dissimilar to porridge!)
  • Recommend nothing with milk in it. Great recipe for getting the sh*its.
    I prefer croissants with a bit of jam myself and a couple of immodiums .

    A roadside poo tends to slow me down somewhat and offends the Londoners aparently
  • Porridge, tea, pint of water and then a banana about an hour before the race.
    Have to say when I did the Amsterdam Half Marathon, I got loads of really nice porridge sachets - still eating them now I got so many.
    Now that would be a good freebie in the bag at the end of the race.
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