After months of physical preparation the body is ready, the mind is strong, the muscles are carboloaded and the taper has begun. But researchers at the University of Erewhon have discovered that those runners who practise spiritual preparation will attain nirvana faster than those who neglect this vital aspect of race preparation. The editors of runners world have commissioned me to post a zen, sufi, tao or western spiritual aphorism every day until race day. Meditation upon the deep meanings contained will undoubtedly finish the path along the way. . . .

Today’s spot of wisdom is:

Every stride is agony, but the last leads to ecstasy




  • ta Grass hopper

    I shall look forward to tomorrow
  • How about "Never eat anything bigger than your head".
  • oooh, oooh


    Aw. My legs still hurt (just back from 6 miler).
  • Thank you O plodding one!

    It is difficult to be a master without any disciples.

    No, that is not today’s words of wisdom. Well they are words of wisdom but they are not the words of wisdom related to running that are prescribed for today’s meditation. While I am giving non-running words of wisdom:

    Beware of false prophets.

    The cannibalistic urges of ‘the angel of death’ will not result in peace, harmony and good running. (And I will have to purify my keyboard after typing ‘taod’). Today’s real words of running wisdom are:


    the only people who can hit the wall,
    are those who can see it.

  • Im really going to enjoy these!
  • Thankyou Grass Hopper.

    I don't feel I have truly addressed the spiritual side of my running. I will join you on the journey to enlightenment!

  • Welcome surfer of wisdom on the waves of my words. Remember:

    It is not the number that follow you,
    but their quality.

    Those are words of wisdom for masters and grasshoppers, not for runners. Although they could be words of wisdom for runners: with those following, following your body in the race of running not following your words in the race for enlightenment. Ok they are today’s words of wisdom for runners, and today’s bonus words of wisdom are:


    Only one can come first,
    only one can come last


    only one can come twenty four thousandth six hundred and seventy third.

  • not usually THAT many people following me at my speed

    but i shall glory in the joy of last place

  • I have not been ignoring the spirit, nor the beer, nor the cider. My body is more than a temple it is a pub. I shall be following you all on the path to enlightment via the Redeemer, The Rose and Crown, No. 1 London Wall, The Pickwick, and that rather nice little plce off Birdcage Walk that I forget the mane of. Remember it is not the winning that counts but the wining.

  • Grass Hopper – truly you are wise in the ways of the foot

    I am your humble disciple


    …no hang on, sorry…

  • Thankyou master! I will continue to surf your words of wisdom as they forcefully sweep me towards true enlightenment.

  • Truly I am humbled by the ruler of so many deigning to listen to my little words of wisdom. (But will you not have difficulties in getting through the legs of all ther other runners on the 17th)?

    Todays words of wisdom come from the western romantic tradition! Remember, truth and enlightenment can be found in even the most unlikley locations. . .


    It is better to have started and DNFed,
    than never to have started at all.
  • noooooooo
    DNF is an EVIL word
  • oooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now a believer.....
  • Do you think there will be truth and enlightenment between mile 18 and 26. I know I can find it at the finish!!
  • Rio,
    The path to enlightenment can only truly be perceived from 18 onwards. Prior to that the signage is wanting and can lead you astray.

    Thankyou Grass Hopper.

  • Hmmm hadn't thought of it that way Susie
    Thank you for helping me understand!

  • oooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm



    *thread clears as FLM-ers spot a cold going round*
  • Do not despair plodding one,
    due to a typographic error yesterday’s words should have read:

    It is better to have run and lost,
    than never to have run at all.

    Rio welcome – there is a road to Rio which you can fly down.

    Rob 22 welcome – soon you can become Rob 26.

    Do not listen to the words of the weak, Duck girl holds no fear for us <cough sniff>

    Today’s words come from Swami Stillone:


    When the going gets tough,
    the tough keep running.

  • ooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    vaz on
    vaz off
    vaz on
    vaz off

  • ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Welcome Pixie – may you become good not evil after expiating your negativity through wholesome effort. Welcome Alex, welcome Fraggle – may you rock on and I hope your head gets better soon.

    Truly disciples are gathering on this thread faster than moss gathers on Mick Jagger’s marriage contracts.


    Today’s words of wisdom come from Pope John Paul II (requiescant in pache) who said, as he started the 2000, Rome marathon :

    “Life can be compared to a single marathon which we are each called upon
    to do in our own way and at our own pace. Yet a common goal awaits us: . . . “


    (For those who need to know the quote finished “ the meeting with Christ”)

  • Single marathon????
    just ONE?

    dont understand
  • So Hippo, you expect to be reincarnated?

  • Hope the reward is good

  • I've have done a single marathon, several times. I have another single marathon in 9 days time. I await my reward as the medal lady places the band of salvation around my neck.

  • ooooommmmmmm

    [bangs tin tray on head]


    [bangs tin tray on head]


    ...sorry - must remember to turn up in ast London on Sun and not Abingdon.... tee hee hee!
  • the salvation of the Holy Gin
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