Lindfield Village 10K

Did the Christ's Hospital 10K yesterday so looking for next race. Does anyone know what the Lindfield race is like? How hilly is "hilly"?


  • hi sam, i used to live near Lindfield and "hilly" does not spring to mind! I am guessing it will start and end on the very flat common with a few small hilly bits in between...there are a couple of steep slopes i guess but nothing major. i assume they have described it as hilly as it won't just be laps round and round a flat field! Good luck if you do it, i was considering it myself this year but an injury is taking way longer than planned to sort itself out so i have only entered a 5km in May instead :-(
  • Thanks for your response. Sounds like it can't be much worse than Warninglid (my current stomping ground). Maybe we'll bump into each other at the Lindfield 10k another year. Hope your injury is improving.
  • Thanks Sam, if i make a miraculous improvement i may yet sign up for it and if so i'll let you know!
    There are so few hills in Sussex i am sure it will be a nice run. When i was about 9 i did a fun run (which i walked!) from Lindfield and it went up through lots of fields and woody areas towards Ardingly and back again. It will probably be similar to that. Let me know how you get along!
  • anyone done it before? What's it like?
  • A lovely local run, indeed heading towards Ardingly and back.

    Mostly footpaths and tracks, a couple of moderately bumpy fields, quite a few stiles, dry underfoot last year but muddy enough the year before to get an advantage from fell shoes.

    Quite a mix of abilities, a couple of hundred entrants perhaps, and a tad over 10K if my memory serves right...

    Last year they sent a photo afterwards, with a request for £1 if you wanted to keep it...
  • I did this about 3 years ago. Very muddy then. I remember one field that was very steep and a flight of steps that we went up. Harder than I thought it was going to be. Good fun though.
  • Undulating with a couple of significant climbs too.
  • Sam, are you stil doing this? Think i am going to give it a go as my leg is loads better, but I am not really aiming for any decent time, just completing it! Don't want to hurt myself again!
  • Does anyone have the web address for the results of this race? Did it this morning and had great fun, although I have nettle stings all the way up my legs!
  • If you Goggle Lindfield 10k you are sure to find the website, but give them a chance to get the results up!

    You can usually access the results through the photographer's site too. if my memory serves me right.

    SF, the photo was the year before time flies! But yes, it is defo a shade over 6 miles. Bit muddy today but nothing too bad.

    Enjoyed my run today, splits were all over the place, mile 5 was particually long,just like to enjoy this one especailly as I am doing a 32 miler on Saturday!! >:)
  • i really enjoyed this one too, although i had forgotten how hilly it is around there!! Mile 5 was definitely too long and the last mile or so was suspiciously short. Great fun though, my trainers definitely don't look new anymore!
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