I've been thinking that I was getting a cold for the past week or so but now after having taken Vit C Zinc etc not so sure. Tried an antihistamine at lunch and things seem to have improved somewhat. Looking back the same thing happened around this time last year I think.
I thought it would be too early for hayfever or suchlike. Does anyone know if there is anything usually around this time of year to cause an allergic reaction? Symptoms are tickle at the back of throat and sore eyes (the eyes only been sore today)


  • It could be hayfever - some tree pollens are already about, and the weather the last few days has been good.

    There's a pollen calendar at http://www.mypharmacy.co.uk/health_information/topics/h/hay-fever/calendar/hay_fever_calendar.htm (can't do fancy links)
  • I read only the other day that there are 2 types of pollen which cause hayfever - tree and grass (I think)
    One starts floating around in March but I can't remember which one (can you tell I only skimmed the article?). Therefore, if you're allergic to that type, the timing's spot on.
  • I get hay fever and in the past 3 weeks have noticed it coming on. Was getting more breathless for no apparent reason and so I've started using a Beconase spray as that seems to be enough for me. You have all the symptoms too Groovy. Think with the nicer weather lately grass is already growing fast and over Easter I noticed everyone out mowing their lawns, which always makes it worse for me. Hope you get it sorted out as it can definately have an adverse effect on your running.
  • Groovy,

    I've had the exact same reaction - don't normally get affected this early in the season. Maybe it's down to poor air quality or global warming or something.
  • Thanks guys
    I will make sure I keep taking the tablets.
    I'm told that they are cumulative and take a few days to start working effectively so hopefully all will be well for LM
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