• Should I start my training now or leave it till the weekend ?
  • any chance of a late entry??

    should I check on e-bay??
  • OMG!!!!
    It's kkerrraaazzzeeeeee!!!
    Jon,you don't need to train,it's eeeeeeaseeeeeeee.
    FB,just turn up,they're accepting entries on the day.

    11 DAYS!!!!!

  • I haven't trained, can I walk it?

  • Only if you walk on your hands....
  • Yes,if you haven't been arsed to do any training just walk it,loads of other people (namely KY) will be,so you won't be on your own mate.
  • E-bay have got a place, OMG!!!!

    Call the SWAT team!

  • Don't put yourself down, you walk every day don't you? More than enough training to be able to RUN the FLM. If you do plan to start some running in next 10 days, don't over do it too early - best thing is to start a day or two before so your muscles remember. There's not much to be lost or gained at this stage so my advice would be to put your feet up and have fresh legs for the day. After all, you don't want to pick up any late injuries by starting to train now, save energy for the sprint finish that's what I say. The crowds will push you along. Good luck to all latecomers, and welcome!

    ... tee hee.
  • Thanks Chris I was worried I'd left it too late...
  • I don't like Lucozade.

    Are they any Stella stops?
  • Chris - could you please let my wife, my kids, boss and colleagues know that I can put my feet up - they just think I'm using it as an excuse to be a lzy b@stid -

    its a good one though ;-}
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