Woodkirk 10k

Does anybody know if the Woodkirk 10k is being run next month? It is usually on the 2nd or 3rd week in January but i can't find it on any events diary this time.


  • I think its on the 19th January,but check on the North of England website (road race fixture list).Fairly sure I've seen it there.Which club organises that race?
  • I have entry forms for it, yes it's the 19th January. Its organised by Woodkirk Striders
  • Thankyou for your replies, have'nt seen any entry forms so i'll enter on the day if possible
  • Baldi, Dont forget you can use the universal entry forms in RW mag or Running and Fitness mag. Better than risking not getting a place
  • Just thought. You need to know where to send cheque and how much it costs (assume cheque payable to Woodkirk Striders)

    Are you still there Richard Horton?? Lets put Baldi out of his/her day entry agony.
  • Thanks chimp, i know what i'll do. I'll have a ride up to that running shop at Headingley Up & Running. They've always got loads of forms. I have'nt got a Runners World this month yet.
  • Cost for woodkirk 10k is £6/£7 plus £1 on the day. Cheques payable to woodkirk striders, Include 9x6 SAE etc.

    Sunday 19 Jan 2003 at 10am, Start and finish at Woodkirk Cricket Club

    If people want I will scan my entry form and e-mail it to them, if it's of any use
  • Cheers Richard, that would be very helpful. My e-mail address is baldiman@aol.com.....Many thanks
  • Any prefered format, or is a bitmap ok?
  • Thanks for the form Richard, i have printed it off ok.
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