Ostend to Brugge 10

Has anyone any experience and/or entry details for this race.? It was mentioned in the Sept. issue but no contact address was printed.


  • http://www.leisurepursuits.com/ take a trip out.
    I've not been myself yet but some friends have been & say it's very fast & flat. The route runs along side the canal. Brugge is a fantastic place to stay so very much worth the trip.
  • Leisure Pursuits don't list it on their website. Does anyone know how to enter individually?
  • There's a race report from 2002 at the ranelagh harriers site:

    You could try emailing someone from ranelagh and finding out how they did it. Alternatively, try www.runnersweb.nl and click on the link to "Belgische looapagenda". This is a race diary similar to the english version - I guess you would have to wait until January!
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