Let me tell you a story

Prompted by a comment in another thread about who we are ...

Around this time last year activity on the old RW FLM forum started to pick up as people started sharing training fears/woes etc. By the time April arrived we were a tightly bonded group united by a common aim. A few forumites had met at various warm up races and after lengthy discussions and many strange suggestions (eg pink bathcaps) as to how we could recognise each other, it was agreed that we would wear our forum names on our kit so if we did see each other we'd be able to identify ourselves. So we did and more of us met before, during (albeit briefly) and after the race.

So after the euphoria that is the FLM had died down someone (Snickers) suggested we should try a sort of e-mail newsletter to keep in touch and set up meeting places at races and thus let herself in for all sorts of hassle setting it up. At the same time two significant events were occurring.

1. Swiss Bobby took it upon himself to set up the Unofficial RW Forum Running Club website, www.urwfrc.org (three cheers for SB) and the virtual club for real runners was formed.
2. RW were busy reconfiguring their forums and were persuaded to include a dedicated forum for the lunatics that are URWFRC.

Since then the virtual club has gone from strength to strength, we have our own kit and some of us have met some of the rest of us at various races and socials. We even made the front page of this site following the Windsor Half Marathon where we turned out in strength and got a mention in the magazine a few months ago.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


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