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Hi Guys

I have been told by a physio that I have high arches and need a very cushioned shoe that has arch support as im falling in on my arch.

Anybody had a good shoe to fit this description to save me time trawlling through them all.



  • Thinking of the Saucony Trigon....never used Saucony before but the boys at the club have given them good reports.
  • boing

    Still need some help here guys, anybody recommend the softest shoes...would it be NB
  • Oh.... since no-one else is talking to you... ;-)

    It seems to be the case that cushioning and support are mutually exclusive - one compromises the other. Do you really need a lot of cushioning? I'd imagine, if you've been advised by a physio, that you need support to stay un-injured, so maybe you need to go for that......?

    Another thing - a shoe which supports high arches...? Sounds like a rarity to me. And over-pronation (excessive rolling in) isn't necessarily best corrected by an arch support - it depends on what happens through the whole range of motion. Probably the best idea would be to go to a proper running shop and get videoed or looked at to see what model of shoe makes you run as neutrally as possible.

    All in all, I think the reason why you've had no answers is that there's no answer!
  • Hello
    I have a high instep and am a pronator and was recommended Adidas Supernova Control. They were okay but never felt truly comfortable but I have just broken in a pair of Saucony Grid Omni 4 and they are fantastic. Wide fitting to accommodate the high instep and supportive too. They work for me! (although I might not be saying that on Sunday evening after FLM.....)

    Swerve's advice is good - my Adidas were fitted after I had a footscan and until then, I didn't realise I was a pronator.
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