How many gels?



  • Thanks for all the help everyone
  • Im going to take 4.
    Ill have one in between the lucozade stations of I feel I need it.
    and 2 ibuprofen for about mile 18
  • No wonder I had some much trouble finding the lucozade pouches! Half of you lot are practically taking packed lunches here ;)
  • I use Squeezy gels. You have to take with water ( shouldnt be a problem then) and they are very small and light. Ive got an arm pouch which easily fits 4 in
  • I've been using 60ml SIS Go gels recently. However, I can only carry two in my belt. I used to use a smaller sized gel which I needed to take with water (can't remember the name) but Sweatshop had sold out the last time I went to stock up. I hope to be able to pick up a couple more gels at mile 11 when I run pass my family.
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