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Just joined Runner's World website so new to this.
I am 28yrs old and have just taken up running as a hobby. My weight is fine and I am running purely as a way to stay in shape and improve fitness.
I have ran 2 5km races since I started (1) in June 29mins and (2) in August 30mins. I try to get out 3 times a week and do skipping and stability ball work maybe 2 nights a week.
My problem is that I am entered into a 10km race in 5 weeks time and in July when I was training I felt that I was stuck at 5km and couldn't really go much further. Since the start of August I have been going out more frequently but doing shorter runs, so instead of 30min runs 2 times a week I'm currently doing 20min runs 3/4 times a week. This change was made from reading an article in Runners World mag.
I certainly feel I am running quicker and stronger but will this help me achieve the 10km run. I am not bothered about times but would like to finish the race having run all the way.
Any advice appreciated.


  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Clary,

    I too ran my first 5k 5 weeks before my first 10k. I was running 3 times a week like you - 2 x 30 mins speed sessions and 1 longer run of 45 mins at a more sedate pace. I did my 10k comfortably in just under an hour.

    I think it would be a good idea if you substituted one of your 20 min sessions with a longer one. That way you will have experience of running for a longer period of time and will gradually build up your endurance. The short sessions will certainly improve your speed.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Clarey

    Agree with Redhead. A lot of it is physocolgical. If you run for 60 mins you will have done what you need to do. If you run for 45 mins when youreach that time in race you will have in the back of your mind that you have never run further. That said adreneline will get you through.

    Good luck.
  • Clarey sounds like you are doing well. As above you need to lengthen one of the runs. If you get to 8K or 5 miles that should be enough given that you don't care about time. if you are fit and have no weight problems then you can probably do the distance tomorrow - with some discomfort.

    Years ago I had terrible shin splints while training for a half M - most weeks I ran about 12 miles but at high intensity. I was also playing Rugby. I did two long runs one 8 and one 12 miles. I ran the Harrow Half and ran out of energy at 11 miles but finished anyway. Its not an ideal way but I hope it helps you believe you can do your 10K.

    good luck and keep us posted.
  • Decided to go out last night and try running the 10km (6 mile) distance. Did 1.5 miles then walked 3/4 mins and repeated this 4 times. COuldn't believe that I managed it without much discomfort, although the legs today are a bit stiff. Feeling alot more confident about the race in a months time. It did take me 1hr 15 mins but in total I must have covered 6.5miles with the walking breaks so would be looking for just over an hour.
    I agree 'Headgone', it is psychological, it's all about telling yourself you can do it and how ever many times during the run you want to give up - you don't.
    Thanks for advice
  • I'm sure that I must look very strange when I run. I've only been out 3 times and have managed about 5 to 6 miles each time, taking about 45 minutes.

    I can't seem to run heel to toe. Does it really matter that I mainly run on the front of my feet (I know that my calves bloody ache the next day!). All the same I'd like to run correctly, any tips?

  • Some people TRY to runlike you steve
    paula radcliffe runs like that
    supposed to make you run faster
  • I started running 12 months ago to lose post baby weight. I was doing really well until I had a calf injury in the summer after the womens 10k which put me out of action for 2 months. Am now running again but feel that my body is shot, with stomach bugs and other ailments I do not seem to be able to get back on track with my running. I completed a five mile run at lunch today with work colleagues who are very good professional runners, and who stick with me at my slow lumbering pace, but I am now finding it disheartening that I cannot seem to be able to improve my fitness back to the way it was. Anyone any ideas for me? I have looked at my diet and think I eat healthily, have started taking well woman supplements in case I was lacking in vitamins etc still no difference. Help!!
  • Steve - if you run on your forefoot naturally don't change it...

    you jammy git!

    It reduces stress on the joints, the chances of injury and makes you faster.

    your calves will get used to it but maybe you should run shorter, more often for a while.
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