Help on training needed!

Hi everyone,i'd forgotten about FLM until someone in work mentioned it last week and I remembered that i'd gotten a place through the ballot (first time entry as well!).

Obviously,I have done no training so can anyone suggest an 8 day training plan for me so that I can finish it?

I don't do any other form of training either,so have no level of fitness to start from.

Many thanks in advance,



  • Run 50 miles a day at 5min/mile pace and include 20 miles of hills
  • Groovy,I don't think that's a very serious suggestion.

    I think i'd probably end up being injured if I even attempted that but don't know how far I can run anyway.

    What sort of time should I be aiming for?
  • Rollerskates might help but you might face disqualification.
  • Ha ha,only joking!!

    Going for sub-3.30 mate.

    Just wanted to amuse myself on this rubbish Friday afternoon.

    Thanks for the offer though EP.

  • Count yourself lucky if you finish before the next full moon, just get round, dont look at your watch, in fact leave the thing at home.

    Seriously, no training, how can you forget.
  • Lessgullabilitymrtaggart
  • i dare say some plonker has tried turning up without any prep
  • Yes, 'more beans', but no names eh! (screen goes misty and a certain thread from last Friday reappears..)
  • I wouldn't disagree with you there.
    What about the big argument on here the other day about the woman KY who's longest run was 6 miles or something ridiculous and she hadn't trained due to "commitments" and running "wasn't a priority" or something crazy.

    Bet there's loads of people like that.
  • Count yourself lucky if you finish before the next full moon, just get round, dont look at your watch, in fact leave the thing at home.

    Seriously, no training, how can you forget.
  • Whoa there,what's going on?

    It's like the Truman Show.
  • Wow,that's an impressive feat.

    To be totally honest,I could never walk a marathon,think i'd go crazy before the end!
  • Be careful EP,i've had to have 4 weeks off with shin splints but am back running now.

    I know how painful that was so can't imagine how much pain you must be in.

    What caused the stress fracture? Was there an injury that caused it?
  • Ran GNR a few years ago and in the mag it said once some bloke started at the back of the field and actually pulled out BEFORE crossing the start line (and no it wasnt me I made it 6 feet passed if you measure where my head fell)
  • oh dear, I hope you dont mind me butting in, I thought I had a like minded individual there for a mo, I lost my running mojo end of feb, I trained for the FLM last year, but had to pull out 3 days before because of tibial stress fractures on both legs (KNOW your pain The Evil Pixie) After a 4 month rest I just started doing one or two runs a week, then in Jan a place on FLM landed literally in my lap (via work) so thought I'd give it another shot, but fear of repeating the injury, a change of lifestyle etc etc, I dont know really, but I just seem to have lost the push, that voice that keeps you going has gone :o( Now I have a week to go and I havn't trained in at least 3 weeks, i feel a bit embarrassed really, I so desperately wanted to cross that finish line, but feel like I've wasted an opportunity. I havn't said to anyone I'm not running it yet, what do you think? Should I pull out?
  • Clare,I think that if you run you're risking injuring yourself again from what you've said.

    What's the longest run you've done and when was it?
  • Hi Jack

    I have done a couple of long runs, this year I worked on time rather than distance, so I have done a couple of hour and a halves, and one 2 hour run, but this was back in february.

    Thanks for your reply
  • Call me Jen,I am a Swans fan!

    Have you ever done a mara before?
  • Oh sorry Jen!
    No I havn't done a marathon before, my first attempt was last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it, the training, everything, I seemed really motivated, but I was freelancing, so could relativly easily fit in a busy schedule, things are different this year, and it has just seemed harder and harder to fit it in, and I cant completely blame that as mentally I havn't really been "in it" but just felt terrible guilt for not doing enough etc etc!!
    I have also limited most of my training (bar 2 long runs) to the treadmill, which doesn't help as I find it so boring, but this was to try and keep the blasted stress fractures away.
    Part of me so wants to do it, but also I sort of regret flippantly agreeing to do it, when perhaps this wasn't the best year for me!
    eeek, tough call?
  • mainly worried that I wont actually get round, which would be totally pants
  • Yeah,it is.

    I mean,personally,i'd say to not do it for a number of reasons.

    You've never done a mara before so don't know what to expect.

    You haven't done a great deal of training so will struggle on the day and could be going for a hell of a lot longer than you've done in training,possibly over 5 hours,which could kill you or give you a nasty injury.

    As you've said yourself,you've been doing your runs on the treadmill to keep the injuries away,so you know how much harder on the body it is to run on the roads and you've hardly done any training on them.

    You won't be doing yourself any favours doing it this year,you need to be able to give yourself a fair shot at it which you haven't,which is sort of understandable under the circumstances.

    This probably isn't what you want to hear and,ultimately,it is your decision.

    If you do decide to go for it,you should perhaps adopt a run/walk strategy to try and save yourself a bit.

    Good luck whatever you decide and make sure that your stress fracture is 100% recovered if you do do it.
  • I know you're right, but its hard to put it down when its been in the back of your mind for the last 18 months!!
    I'll take the weekend to have a think, but you have definitly definitly helped to put things into perspective for me. Thank you.
    I did have a bone scan earlier in the year which was clear, so I am in the frustrating position of having a clean bill of health, but not enough training, the COMPLETE opposite to last year!
    How frustrating, I WILL do it one year, in the meantime, thanks so much for taking the time to chat this through with me, its much appreciated.
    best of luck to you, and your sub 3.30 target!! Hope the shin splints stay away and you get a great day
  • Yeah,me too,going to strap them up so fingers crossed!

    Good luck to you whatever you decide.

    Take it easy,

    Jen x
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