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I usually wear Nike Air Structure Triax's for general purpose running and they work pretty well for me, but I'd like to try something a bit lighter weight for racing. Any suggestions?


  • Like you, I usually wear a relatively stable shoe for general training, but I do have 2 pairs of shoes for faster sessions and road races/triathlons.

    I currently have the Saucony Taya - now renamed Team Taya. It's light, but has a large enough medial post to cope with my (mild) pronation.

    The other shoe is Reebok 3D Flier - no obvious medial post, but the heel is wide enough to cope. Again, this is discontinued, but have a supply at a very reasonanble price. I'm so pleased with this pair, I recently bought another couple and put them away in the loft.

    Both shoes are fine for 10Ks and speed sessions - I might risk a half-marathon in the Reeboks, but no further!

    Good luck
  • Wonder if someone can help. For some reason it seems an almost impossible task to get hold of a sportshop in London that will order shoes for you from a specific supplier. I am looking for Adidas Ride but am having so much difficulty getting hold of a shop that stock/order a good variation of adidas. Have even tried my luck online, but could not find any gents Ride. Anyone any ideas/advice?!
  • Paul, the site you mentioned does have a good variety, although the Equipment Ride I am looking for is only available in a No. 7! I need a UK 10, big feet for faster running ;-)
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭

    When I am at work tomorrow, I shall check if we have any Eqt Rides. If you wanted to email me as to the exact requirements you have (are you looking for an exact model number or any version of the Equipment Ride), through my contact details on this forum, then I will go through our stock levels for you.

    Anna (Sweatshop)
  • Hi Alan,

    Just to add to your confusion, I am a fan of the Asics Gel DS Trainer for a lightish shoe for racing (though it's not a full blown racer), much more spritely than the Saucony Nitrous which serves for putting in the miles.

    Time for some fun in the running shops for you! Happy good shoe hunting.

  • I agree with Dalya.
    I use Asics Gel DS Trainers for Marathon Racing & afterwards for fast training. I only run one marathon in any pair of shoes.
    I also have the Acics DS racers for all other race distances.
    In general I have about 8 - 10 pairs of shoes on the go!!!! [including spikes]
  • Big Tim,

    And I thought I was bad on the shoe shopping front with my humble four pairs on the go! You are a shoe madman. But thanks! You've given me an excuse to buy a new pair this weekend. Ta!!

  • Anna,

    Thanks for offering to help. Will also have a look at your website!

  • Thanks Anna, bought some Supernova Cusion! Eagirly awaiting their arrival!!!
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