Hip Hip No Way

I was out for my Long Run this morning. After less than a mile I started to notice a new pain (to join a Long Standing Knee Problem) as my hips started to hurt, particularly on the right side. I kept going for 7 miles or so but in the end had to abandon the run as I was too sore to go on. Even walking was hard this afternoon as a result of the pain.

Has anyone else had hip pain from running? I was wondering if anyone thought it could be related to a knee problem.

I do a lot of sit ups and press ups so it could be due to this rather than the running. But it's a new pain to me.

"Limping" Ping Pong Boy


  • I dont't suppose your knee problem is ITB related is it Ping ? Or should I call yo Pong ?

  • The knee problem is "almost" certainly ITBS. I have to confess that I don't really want to stop the running at the moment as it's taken me so long to lose the weight (5 stone) and my running seems to help me avoid putting weight back on.

    I usually try and take each day as it comes so if my knee is sore I don't run. The problem just appeared yesterday and I hadn't ever had problems before. I'm resting today as a result. On the injury forum, bune suggests it could be my sit up technique, so that could be the cause.

    As for the name, call me whatever you want, though PPB is how I'll be signing my messages.
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