Weather for the day

Just looked at the 10 day weather forecast. If the site is correct we should be running in 14c/57f temps, slightly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain.


  • Metcheck says 10c, no rain, partially cloudy. Apparently, last years 24 hour forecast was way out so I'm a bit sceptical about the long range ones.
  • We will run in what ever the weather
  • I'll defer if it's sunny or raining.
  • Just remember to bring with you all the gear that you use to run in any weather. I have a sports bag full already planned.

    Leggings and shorts
    Tech top, t-shirt, Thermal top and rain proof top.
    Rain coat
    Sun glasses
    2 pairs of trainers. decide on day which to wear.
    Sun cream, just in case
    Plaster for all parts of body
    Knee bandages
    Pain killers

    Just to name a few
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