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I was out for my Long Run this morning. After less than a mile I started to notice a new pain (to join a Long Standing Knee Problem) as my hips started to hurt, particularly on the right side. I kept going for 7 miles or so but in the end had to abandon the run as I was too sore to go on. Even walking was hard this afternoon as a result of the pain.

Has anyone else had hip pain from running? I was wondering if anyone thought it could be related to a knee problem.

I do a lot of sit ups and press ups so it could be due to this rather than the running. But it's a new pain to me.

"Limping" Ping Pong Boy


  • how do you do your sit ups - as incorrect form can put a strain on hipflexors - no straight legged sit ups or straight leg raises - always have knees bent to isolate abs

    hips are closely tied in to leg and back muscle structure (including knee problems)so any imbalance there could cause a hip problem - rest is your first step but if it doesnt ease up after a few days then it may be worth getting checked out by a physio
  • Cheers Bune. I tend to do 3 sorts of sit ups and normally 150 or so a day. Two of them are with the knees bent as suggested, the third and by far the toughest is with legs elevated slightly to emphasise the stomach muscles. I occasionally do a few straight legged sit ups. I'd never noticed my hips hurting before today but I did do a lot of sit ups last night (250).

    I'll follow the advice and see how I feel lin a couple of days.
  • I have just started getting hip pain too. It is accompanied by muscle pain all down the front of my leg above the knee. I don't know why this has started. I stopped running for 2 weeks to recover but it still niggles when I run and particuarly after a run for a day
  • Hi Ping Pong Boy, sounds just like the problems I had when I first started running. Mine was caused by imbalance and an old hip injury which had left some grissly tissue. A trip to the Physio, coupled with the exercises she gave me, sorted me out immediately and I have not had the problem since.

    I wholeheartedly recommend seeing a Physio as mine was extremely helpful, asked loads of questions and found the problem straight away. Good luck.
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